How to get big in 2016

Exclusive, practical advice to get big fast


It’s a new year and you have promised yourself you are going to get BIG this year and get some ripped, lean muscles on that body of yours… but you know the story, before you know it, summer is here and you look like a stick still! Here is a concise article giving you top tips to get big this year and stay big.

Think “powerlifter”, not bodybuilder

Train like a powerlifter this year. Don’t worry about small vanity exercises. Go for the big ones, the ones that get your major muscles huge and at the same time, get your smaller muscles big too! Do 3 hard, heavy sets of 6-8 reps and make sure you do a full range of motion - work your muscles, not your ego. Split your body so you train each body part no more than once every 5-7 days. The major exercises to concentrate on are below:

The Squat
The Bench Press
Overhead shoulder press
Bent over rows
Clean and jerk
Hamstring curls
Stiff legged deadlift

Eat like a big guy to look like a big guy

If you see a big powerlifter or bodybuilder , you will pretty much see them always eating! They carry their good around and they make sure they don’t miss meals. Let’s make life easy for you here: Cook a big pot of pasta and chicken or pasta and tuna at night and put it in 7 containers to comprise 7 medium-size meals. Eat them the next day every few hours!

Take protein

If anyone tells you protein does not get you big or you don’t need extra protein, give them a slap and walk away. They don’t know what the hell they are talking about. All the big guys take extra protein and top celebrity trainers all flood the bodies of their clients with a ton of protein to get them big fast. So if you want to get big, take extra protein.

The best way of taking in extra protein is to have a quality shake like LA Whey Gold at hand in between meals. The best times to flood your blood and muscles with protein are:

Upon waking up
Mid morning
Mid afternoon
After training
Before sleep

Don’t over-train

Over-training is as bad as not training. The best way of building muscles is to give your muscles enough rest and a good chance to grow. This is why a split routine works best for most people. Below is a typical proven split routine you can follow:


Chest, triceps, shoulders




Back and biceps



Friday or Saturday




Things that halt muscle growth:

Doing too much cardio
Working your abs too much
Drinking too much alcohol
Abusing drugs especially cannabis
Not sleeping enough
Not drinking/eating enough protein throughout the day
Not drinking water
Soya products
Stress in any form
Training too often and for too long
Not having enough carbohydrates
Not having enough good fats

The secret muscle builders

You have all heard of the huge guys that take steroids and yes, the fact is that steroids do make you big… but at what cost?

Another route is to naturally increase your Testosterone and Growth Hormone levels. There is “one” proven, world-class supplement that has been around since 1999 and has consistently been hailed as the best natural and safe Testosterone and Growth Hormone booster. This supplement is called Norateen Heavyweight II.

Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day and see your strength go through the roof within 24 hours. After that, as long as you stick to the above, you will put a ton of mass on. Gains of up to 10kgs of muscle in 6-8 weeks are typical and guaranteed as long as you stick to the above rules.
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