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The Adaptive Turbo Principle

...and how to apply it to your physique and sports goals


By: Don M.

I was talking to a Porsche salesman the other day. He was very enthusiastic about a new concept on the Porsche Turbo, called Adaptive Turbo. He explained:

Porsche Carrera GT

Basically, Adaptive Turbo reads your mind. If you put your foot down just once, the car will be responsive, but not very responsive. Put your foot down a few more times and the car starts responding more. Start driving like a maniac, and the turbo will really kick in full time, ensuring the car is performing optimally and giving you maximum power. Basically, the car realises that you are “in the mood”.

Interesting, huh? Are you “in the mood”? Do you feel like getting your body in tip-top shape?

Whilst there is no actual correlation here, I think the Adaptive Turbo Principle is a very good way of examining your physique and sports needs and fine tuning them. Read how…

Your body “does” adapt

Go to the gym once in a while and you will get little or no results. Start really hitting the gym with a decent program and you will start changing your body. Much like the Adaptive Turbo of the new Porsche, your body can “sense” whether you are in the mood.

If you do regular cardio sessions, your overall thermogenic mechanism will start kicking in, meaning you will burn fat continuously and efficiently. This is very different from doing a 20 minute cardio every 5 days. Hit the gym 4-5 times a week, doing 45-60 minutes of continuous cardio and your body will start burning some serious fat.

If your goal is to build muscle, then go to the gym regularly and do some proper weight training sessions and your body will recognise that you are “in the mood” and will respond accordingly.

“Once the Porsche’s Turbo is warmed up, you will get the best performance out of the car”, said the salesman.

Same for your body: Once your muscles start developing, your body will do the work. The more muscles you have, the more fat you will burn. Do more cardio and you will have better thermogenics and a faster metabolism. Once your body senses this, you are on your way. Let your body know that you are “in the mood”.

Adapting is good and bad

The above is totally true and a very accurate comparison… but up to a point. You see unlike a car which is an unintelligent piece of machinery, your body is a clever being. In a way, your body can be a pain in the ass if you don’t know how to deal with it.

As you workout and build more muscle and lose more fat, your body adapts to this and starts being less responsive. This is where you need to change your workout regime to always keep it guessing and always get results from your workouts.

Your body needs to be tricked so it is always guessing. This way you will get continuous results.


Apply the Adaptive Turbo Principle. Let your body know you are in the mood. Once you have got going and you are seeing results, continue. If results start diminishing, then change your workout regime (more reps, less reps, more weight, longer cardio, more pulling exercises, less pulling exercises, more pushing exercises etc) to keep getting results.



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