Quick & easy ways to get rid of male boobs

15 fast moob beaters


Male boobs are becoming a real problem for many men, some in their twenties! Many men find that they exercise and eat well but they still suffer from male boobs (or moobs). Below is LA Muscle's Health & Wellness guide for easy and quick ways to reverse male boobs and put a stop to it.

1. Stop drinking from plastic bottles – Plastic contains phtalates which are esters of plastic and if heated can get into the liquid inside meaning bad news for your hormonal system. Plastic bottles can get heated during transport or if left in a hot place.

2. Stop eating Ready Meals – Ready meals are often served in plastic and have a plastic cover. If you have to, remove and put on a plate before microwaving. Ideally, you should stay well away from ready meals.

No more male boobs3. Stop eating canned foods – As well as metals, they also contain plastic esters which cause havoc with your hormonal system, increasing female hormones and reducing male hormones. This means a likelihood of male boob development.

4. Stop using shower gels – You can change to natural alternatives. Many mainstream shower gels contain parabens which change your body’s hormonal system, creating a positive environment for male boobs. LA Muscle's Male Bodycare Range is 100% free of parabens.

5. Increase good fats – You need good fats to increase male hormones. Make sure you eat nuts, seeds, pulses and consider supplementing with a good omega fatty acid supplement.

6. Cut down on sugars – Sugars can change your hormones and affect your endocrine system in a negative way.

7. Relax! Stress is possibly the number 1 cause of male boobs. Too much stress means the release of cortisol which is responsible for increasing the female hormone and reducing male hormones.

8. Make sure you are not constipated – Going regularly to the toilet will ensure your system is clean and functioning well. Increase fibre and make sure you eat dried fruits such as prunes and apricots daily.

9. Make sure you are not dehydrated – You need to drink 2-3 liters of water to get rid of excess hormone-manipulators from your system.

10. Cleanse your liver – As well as reducing alcohol and caffeine, you need a healthy diet to make sure your liver is clean. Fruits, vegetables and liver cleansing supplements are important. Your liver needs to clean your blood and ensure you don’t have anything that can negatively affect your hormones and cause imbalances.

11. Cut down on saturated fats – A fair to high amount of male boobs are actually excess body fat. You need to reduce your intake of saturated fats to below 5g, ideally zero per day. Read labels!

12. Make sure you are not consuming excess carbohydrates, which can be stored as fat.

13. Use LA Muscle’s Sculpt to help kill off cortisol which is the main trigger for storage of fat and “feminizing” your male body. Sculpt can be very effective at fighting the development of male boobs by reducing body fat, increasing lean muscles and fighting Cortisol.

14. Don’t over-do it in the gym – Too much exercise can be detrimental in that it causes stress and can throw your hormones off balance.

15. Don't drink tap water if you are in a big city. Most tap waters in developed countries contain a high percentage of oestrogen, which is a big factor in the development of male boobs. Try filtered or bottled water instead.

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