Easy ways to get into shape

10 easy steps to get into shape fast


1. Cut out sugar

Cutting out sugar is easy, you just need to do it. If you have a sweet tooth, replace your sugar intake with a zero calorie sweetener. Do bear in mind that some sweeteners can make you crave more sugary foods, so don't get hooked on sweeteners. Just use them as an in between solution whilst you wean yourself off sugar.

2. Join a gym and don't over do it

It's a classic thing we do every year. Join a gym, go all out trying to lose that excess weight and within a couple of weeks we have lost the will and desire to go. Most common excuse? No time!

Join a gym and start off slowly. Don't be desperate and don't over do it. Start off with 2-3 days of a cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy. This is important. If you see the gym as torture, then you will soon go off the idea. Forget what the personal trainer recommends. If you like rowing more than cycling, then row! Choose the one you like out of: jogging, fast walking, rowing, stepper, cross trainer or even go for an aerobics class. The point is, make it fun and enjoyable. It's much better to do 40 mins of a stepper (that you may enjoy) than 2 hours of a rower that you may not (as you will soon stop going to the gym).

3. Don't starve yourself

Eat as normal but halve the contents on your plate. You are much better off eating smaller portions, more frequently. Eating is good! It speeds up your metabolism. Just don't over eat.

4. Read labels

You must read the labels on foods. Many foods or snacks that are supposedly good for you are full of saturated fats. A coconut bar can have as much as an entire day's fat content in it! Nuts which are good for you are also full of saturated fats. READ the labels and don't put more than 15-20 grams of saturated fats in your body in any given day.

5. Don't eat carbohydrates too late in the day

If you are going to sleep say at 11 p.m, then your last carbohydrate meal must be NO LATER than 6 p.m. So do not eat pasta, potatoes, rice or bread after 6 p.m. Ideally, don't eat anything 3 hours before sleeping - as a side note, eating too late also contributes to snoring!

6. Leave your stomach empty

When was the last time your stomach was empty? Many of us "graze" as a habit. This is bad for weight loss. Don't do it. Get your stomach used to being empty. Drink water, don't graze. You don't need to be chewing on snacks, seeds and fruits all the time. Some people eat because they sense bad breath or weakness. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it just shows that your body is going into detox. Drink water!

7. Drink water

You have heard it and most of you still keep ignoring this. Water will solve so many of your problems from skin, intestinal to weight problems. Drink at least 2 litres of pure water daily. Water means water by the way and not tea, coffee or juices.

8. If you are constipated, take action

A huge proportion of the population are constipated! Diets full of bread, pastry, meat and a lack of fruits and vegetables have meant that constipation is a chronic problem for millions. A constipated intestine is an inefficient one. You will not achieve your weight loss goals if you are constipated.

To help with constipation, you can try increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, don't eat bread or pastry and try supplements like Castor oil (1-2 spoons every 1 week for 1 month)

9. Make it a lifestyle

If you want to look slim and fit, you need to live like it! Look at your fridge and around your house. Don't go shopping on an empty stomach, don't buy junk food, don't be lazy and sit at home all the time and don't make excuses!

Look around you and select 5 of the healthiest, most active people you know. Choose 1-2 things out of their lifestyle and do them. Losing weight is a lifestyle choice and not something you can do in a few short weeks.

10. Use fat burners

Nothing motivates people more than seeing a change right in front of their eyes. If you have a lot of fat to lose or you are just not motivated or you have been let down before, you need to see and feel a change. That's where supplements come in.

Use Fat Stripper and/or Fat Stripper INTENSE for at least 4 weeks alongside your new regime and the above and you will see a significant reduction in your body fat levels.
Take 1-2 Fat Stripper pills every day with meals and you will notice a difference in around 5-10 days (depending on your metabolism).

You can also lose more fat by changing your night-time fuel mix, enabling more fat to be burnt and food to be stored as muscle and not fat. Sculpt CLA 1000mg can do this. Incorporate Sculpt in your diet.

Good luck!



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