Danni's Diet Do's and Don'ts

Interview with personal trainer Danni Levy


During her time at the famous Italia Conti School, Danni combined both her passions and trained in Performing Arts & Personal Fitness Training. Currently enjoying the rewards of her hard work and is now a successful Fitness & Nutritional Presenter on TV. Danni also works as a fitness and swimwear model and has appeared on the front covers of several magazines.

What’s your daily diet?

I always emphasize to my clients the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. I try not to be too strict about my diet, as there's a place for every food type in the body. However, a typical day would include the following;

Breakfast: Large omelette with mushroom and tomato accompanied by a fresh fruit smoothie
Mid-Morning Snack: Banana
Lunch: Large tuna steak with brown rice and vegetables
Mid-Afternoon Snack: 5 rice cakes
Dinner: Chicken with broccoli, spinach, leeks and new potatoes

What’s in your fridge?

Fresh fruit and veg are always in ample supply in my kitchen. My fridge is stocked up with strawberries, blueberries, grapes and most definitely leeks (leeks are my absolute fave!) I also love mushrooms and spring onions, they make great accompaniments to so many dishes and are full of flavour. Another essential for me is low fat fruit yoghurt. I enjoy adding these to smoothies in the morning or as an alternative to sugary desserts.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

My guilty secret is mature cheddar cheese. I like to make sure I have this in my fridge as it makes for a great after dinner snack with crackers! Ssshhh, don't tell anyone I said that!

What supplements do you take?

At the moment the only addition to my natural diet is pure and simple LA Whey protein.

What is your favourite work-out style?

When it comes to resistance training, I practice a split routine, enabling me to get maximum results without spending hours and hours indoors. I love outdoor activities such as running, cycling and horse riding and always try to leave time for them.

How often do you work-out?

Every day in one form or another-except sundays. A lot of the time I'll go for a 2 hour cycle without purposefully having left the house to 'train'. The minute exercise becomes a chore rather than a hobby, you're facing an uphill battle. I exercise because it's what I love to do, not because I tell myself I have to.

Have you always been so disciplined with your training & diet regime?

Yes, from a young age my mum encouraged me to spend my days out in the fresh air and to be active. My passion for training and sticking to a healthy diet is all thanks to her. I became interested in weight training at the age of 17 and have never looked back since. A balance of cardio and resistance training is the key to a slim and sculpted body and for me they are of equal importance.

How do you stay motivated?

There is no need for me to stay motivated as it's a way of life. Tell me to sit on the sofa and watch TV all day and I'll need some motivation!

What tips & advice can you give to any women struggling with weight issues?

I always advise my clients to find an activity they really enjoy and start there. Whether that's cycling, running, horse riding, swimming or tennis, training doesn't have to be all about spending hours in the gym. It's never too late to take up a new hobby and it's so important to have goals outside of work which really inspire and motivate you. Once you pluck up the courage to start learning a new physical skill you will meet new friends, start getting fitter and ultimately become a more confident and well rounded individual. What's more, if you're spending your evenings down the local tennis club, there'll be no time to order that takeaway pizza! The gym stuff will follow as you start to see your body taking on a new shape.





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