Zoran's Top Tips for Daily Motivation

People are always asking me how I stay so motivated so I thought i'd share a few things with you that help me stay on track daily and make sure that I keep focused and ready for every challenge.


Get up and go for a run

On different days I train at different times so some mornings before work i'm in the gym for a session but on the days that i'm not, including rest days, I like to get up bright and early and go for a run. On a rest day this can just be a light jog for around 20-30 minutes, but I always recommend it even if you can only spare 10 minutes. Not only do my muscles always feel much better as they're nice and loose and stretched out, but the endorphins released put me in a great mood for the day ahead.

Have a cheat snack

You don't need to limit yourself to one cheat meal per week. Following a strict diet and limiting yourself to a cheat meal or two at the weekend can be very demotivating, especially if it's only Monday! Unless i'm a few weeks out from a photoshoot or important event, I am never this strict with my cheat meals and have a little something every day as long as it fits my macros. Having a muffin, cookie or a bit of chocolate is only a few hundred calories and will not affect your overall diet as long as it doesn't take you over your daily calorie intake. So live a little and eat that snack you've been craving guilt-free!

Mix up your diet

Diets can get very boring very quickly. Whatever your training goal, there is a huge variety of food you can be eating and you don't need to limit yourself to a certain few meals. Add lots of variety to your diet and as long as they are all helping you achieve your goal they will help keep your meals interesting and keep you motivated to continue with it.

Do something relaxing

We all work hard every day and need something to look forward to, even if it's just for a few minutes. After work I like to have a short power nap when I get home or if it's a training day i'll usually be found in the sauna. Whatever it is that helps you relax just find at least 10 minutes every day to do it. No excuses!

Drink lemon water

Drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day is very important but I like to take this one step further and I like to have around a litre of lemon water throughout the day. Lemon is well known for it's cleansing properties and it also aids with digestion. I'll sip on this all day long and especially before and after meals.

These tips are very important to me and are just little changes that you can make that will help motivate you daily and help you to achieve your training goals.

For more tips Zoran can be followed on Instagram at @i.am.zoran

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