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The way to relieve back pain at home for free

Fixing back pain is a personal favourite of mine when it comes to Zone Therapy. The power of Zone Therapy never ceases to amaze me when it comes to healing even the most stubborn and complex back problems - I am talking about even back problems which may have been operated on 2-3 times! That's how powerful Zone Therapy is for back pain.

Back Pain It doesn't matter what type of back pain you have - Zone Therapy can fix it. Seems like a bold statement, doesn't it? I guess most people will view such a statement with varying degrees of scepticism. I don't really blame them.

I had a horrible back problem when I was 18 and it lasted for years. I had injections, physiotherapy, pills and creams and nothing fixed it. I used to wake up with the worst back pain, have it more or less during the day and go to sleep with back pain.

It was not until I was introduced to Zone Therapy that I realised just how powerful this natural and non invasive healing method can be. To be honest, at 22 years of age, I was taken by surprise when Joseph Corvo, Zone Therapy's modern father, asked me to take my shoes and socks off to fix my back!!!

I am glad I gave it a chance as my back pain disappeared in just weeks and I have not had it since. If I ever pull my back for any reason, a few minutes work on my feet or hands usually do the trick in fixing the problem.

So yes, I will categorically state that what I am about to tell you will in 90% of cases completely eradicate back pain in weeks. It is a non invasive and totally free treatment that you or your partner can do at home?

What's the catch? Nothing is the catch. I want people with back pain to not suffer from this horrible problem.

Back ProblemsWhat I will ask you though is that you STICK to what you are told here and do it EXACTLY as suggested and PERSIST with it. Back pain which may have taken years to manifest and take hold will not go away in days. Give it a fair chance and stick to the method for at least 3 weeks to see good results.

Basic Zone Therapy principles

Zone Therapy, much like Reflexology works on the principle that most of your body and its organs/areas are mapped out on your hands and feet. Therefore if you have a problem with an area in your body, you can help fix it or heal quicker by stimulating the relevant point on your hands and feet.
For back pain, there are a number of clear and exact points that if worked on, will positively affect the healing and regeneration of your back.

ReflexologyIn terms of Zone Therapy, we are not concerned with the exact medical problem that may have been tagged to you. Whether it is a "slipped disc" or a degeneration of your spine or whatever, Zone Therapy is not about fixing medical conditions.

Zone Therapy sees your body as a whole and as such, treats it as a whole. In terms of Zone Therapy, your back area is weak and your body needs to be re-balanced and given a chance to self-heal that particular region.

Many times I have been asked things like "but I have this or that specific problem, how can just working on the feet fix it?"

Well, the undisputed fact is that working on the feet using Zone Therapy does fix back problems in almost 90% of cases. In fact, in my experience over some 17 years, it has fixed back problems EVERY TIME. I have said 90% here to leave some room for people who may not persist with it or people who may have an actual physical deformity from childhood.

The actual method

The method is very simple. The inner curve of your feet correspond to your back. The heel area is your lower back and going up towards the big toe, is your middle, upper back and neck regions.

Depending on which part of your back you may have a problem with, you will find the corresponding area on your foot very painful.

back pain helpSo for example, if you have a back problem on your lower back, left side, then you will find a great deal of pain on certain parts of your left foot on the inside, lower towards the heel.

You need to locate the points which are most painful and concentrate on working on them. Spend some time and you will certain areas more tender to touch. These will be areas to concentrate on.

The idea is for you to work in a specific way (below) on the tender areas. You will work for around 20-30 minutes each day on each foot. After a few weeks, you will find these "tender" areas less and less tender.

When the pain in these areas (which correspond to the areas of your back where you have the problem) disappear, then your back pain will disappear.

Back pain

How to work on the areas

If you have a severe acute or long term back problem, you may find the relevant points on your feet very tender. In this case, use your index or middle finger or your thumb.

If your back problem is not too bad and you don't find too much pain on the relevant points on the feet. Then you can put a bit more pressure by using the end of a tooth-brush.

Back pain, helpers

Put your finger (or the end of the tooth brush depending on the severity of the problem) on the painful areas of your feet. These areas will be the areas which correspond to your problem. So lower part of the feet, near the heel, will be lower back. Upper parts will be the upper back.

Rotate in a clockwise direction, ten times. Don't press too hard. Press just hard enough for it to be a little bit uncomfortable.

Move a few millimetres on the side and do the same. Move again and do the same. Keep coming back to the most painful areas and work on them, rotating ten times.

Work on each area and each foot for 20-30 minutes a day. Start off initially by putting a little pressure and as the minutes roll by, put more and more pressure on the painful points. The more pressure you put and the more pain you can handle, the quicker the healing.

Don't over do it, to the point of bruising your feet! If this happens, lay off working on them for a few days.

The way it works is that after a few days, you will find these spots less and less tender. The less pain you experience when pressing these points on the feet, the more you are moving towards healing your back.

When all the pain in your corresponding areas on the feet disappear, then your back pain will disappear.

To give you an idea of time, so you don't get impatient, it may take 4-5 weeks for a 3-4 year old back problem to disappear. You will know you are on the right track if after a few weeks, you experience less and less back pain.

As I said above, in 17 years, I have NEVER seen this method to fail on back problems - however complex and long term. If you do it regularly, persist and make sure you are pressing harder and harder in each session, you will see and feel it working.

Good luck and remember, nothing comes easy. You need to "begin" and "persist". Stick at it and you will 100% see benefits.

Use the teeth of a strong comb on the relevant painful parts of your feet and rotate all the teeth on the area ten times and move to the next and so on. Keep coming back to the painful areas and press harder. Be careful so you don't break or damage your skin.

The above is not a substitute for sound medical advice. If you have a medical condition, please visit your physician.



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