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The Big Protein Lie

What 3 supplements would totally change your body in under a week?

By LA Muscle on 23.01.2017 09:09 pm


Let’s be honest, LA Muscle supplements are not cheap. Unlike most other manufacturers, LA Muscle does not go to a generic manufacturing plant and relabel their white label products. LA Muscle has its own high-tech FDA-Approved manufacturing plants in the USA and UK and its own scientific Research & Development team. This means, you get exclusive formulations at the highest qualities in this industry.

What if you wanted to pick 3 supplements that would make you look very muscular and ripped. Which LA Muscle supplements would they be? The answer may surprise you, most of all because protein does not fit the bill!

In many ways, you have been sold a big protein lie over the last 10 years by most other supplements companies. Whilst protein does help your body recover and build more muscle, when it comes to the crunch and if you were to choose just 3 supplements that would make a “dramatic” difference to your body in a few weeks, protein would not come in that top 3.

Protein may come in the top 3 of other supplements companies that don’t have the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of LA Muscle, but not here! Read below what will make a huge difference and make your protein powder feel like plain water …

Testosterone Booster & GH Activator

Without doubt, the strongest muscle & strength builder on the planet is Norateen Heavyweight II. If you had £70, should you take protein or Norateen? The answer is so obvious! If you say protein, then you have either been reading too much protein hype from other manufacturers or you don’t know much about Norateen.

Norateen Heavwyweight II will dramatically increase your growth factor and Testosterone levels from day one. Protein powder does not do this. When you take Norateen Heavyweight II, you get incredible gains in lean muscle mass in as little as 3 days and your strength will go through the roof in under 1 week.

Norateen Heavyweight II has been praised by many magazines and media such as BBC TV and SKY TV. There is no other supplement like it. If you have £70 and want to build muscle mass and see significant gains, don’t even think about wasting it on anything else.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is a powerful tool for getting a pump in the gym, leading to more muscle growth inside and outside of the gym. There are many nitric oxide supplements out there but none give you all 4 premium nitric oxide boosters and none are Pharmaceutical Grade like LA Muscle’s Vasculator.

When you take Vasculator you immediately look bigger in the gym and start looking pumped and massive all the time, even when you are not in the gym! Vasculator was voted “best muscle supplement” by Men’s Health Supplements Awards for 2 reasons: 1, because it works and 2, because it is the strongest gym supplement you can buy.

Metabolising Fat Burner

Losing fat and getting that six pack is “always” going to be hard for most people. You can get close, but it can still feel like you have a long way to go! LA Muscle’s Fat Stripper Intense gives you ingredients that you would ordinarily not find in foods. Nor in protein. If you want to lose weight, burn fat and get your six pack, then all the protein in the world won’t do that!

You need to take a strong, scientifically formulated Pharmaceutical grade super-supplement like Fat Stripper Intense to start metabolising the fat and shifting it out of your body fast. Results are usually seen by men and women within 3-7 days.

There you have it. Top 3 LA Muscle supplements for really re-shaping your body and seeing actual results. Whilst protein supplementation has its place, if you were on a budget and had to choose, the above are recommended. You can always get protein from food! You can't get the above from food however hard you try!



Fat Stripper Black Powder

Fat Stripper Black Powder

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Norateen® EXTREME

Norateen® EXTREME

Extreme Testosterone & GH Booster for bodybuilders; gets you MASSIVE!

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Extreme Testosterone & GH Booster for bodybuilders; gets you MASSIVE!
from £30
"300% stronger than regular Creatine" Muscle & Fitness Magazine
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