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How to drink protein shakes and not STINK!

Why does protein make you smell and how to avoid...

By LA Muscle on 23.09.2015 12:00 pm


This is an interesting question and very relevant to millions of people, let’s investigate.

Certain foods or ingredients can make you smell in a variety of ways. Protein is one food that in certain circumstances can make you smell NASTY. Here are the various ways:

Gas, wind, farting…whatever you want to call it

If you take an inferior protein which has not had its lactose filtered out, then chances are, you will be firing on all cylinders most of the day and night!!! This is an unfortunate side effect of lactose. You can prevent this nasty side effect of protein by taking a higher quality protein with little or no lactose. One such protein… surprise surprise… is LA Whey Gold, which has been triple filtrated to make sure there is no lactose there. LA Whey Gold costs a little more than the cheaper proteins but the cost is insignificant in comparison to the alimony you have to pay once your partner divorces you for "consistent farting".

Users of LA Whey Gold do not rapidly fire random shots and have happier partners, wives, husbands :) Hey, maybe this should be LA Whey Gold’s new tagline:

LA Whey, making households a happier and less smelly place :)

Bad breath, halitosis

Protein, milk, dairy can make your breath smell. This is usually due to the interaction of the enzymes with your own mouth’s enzymes. The best way to avoid this is to drink your protein shake quickly and make sure if you can, to brush your teeth afterwards. If not, drink some water straight after and/or chew some gum.

You can also try having some parsley or mint handy and chew on them! Chewing gum is probably a better bet though!

Smelly sweat

This potential nasty side effect of protein is a little bit more complex in origin and elimination. Excess of anything can over-burden the liver and it is the liver which is the main detoxifying organ of the body. So you need to do one or all of the following to make sure your sweat smells like roses and that you generally don’t end up smelling like a dumpster:

  • Take a quality protein that has little or no artificial additives. These additives usually cause a greater burden on the liver than natural ones. LA Whey Gold does not have artificial additives.
  • Don’t over-do it when it comes to protein and try to space your intake throughout the day, rather than all in one go.
  • Take a liver cleanser like Milk Thistle or Burdock every few months for a few days.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use an antiperspirant deoderant.

Avoid cheaper proteins

Cheaper proteins usually use cheaper ingredients such as pure milk, casein or high lactose whey. These are all more “dairy” and more stinky! Try to get as close to CFM, fully filtered whey protein as possible.

If all else fails, find a girlfriend or boyfriend with sinus issues. This ensures they have a blocked nose and can’t smell you! :) Good luck!

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