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Dear Doctor can I please have a cookie?

Why doctor's don't prescribe cookies to their patients

By LA Muscle on 28.12.2018 10:40 am


Let’s say you are unwell and your body’s physiology is out of whack. You go to your doctor because you need something “effective” to radically change some acute or chronic processes in your body. You want to get results fast.

What does the doctor give you? Pills of course. You would think he has gone mad if he suggested you should take some bars, cookies, popcorn or bulky powders.

When you want to lose weight or build muscles, you need to radically change some things in your physiology. You need to increase certain hormones such as Testosterone and Growth Factor, reduce others such as Estrogen. The ONLY things that will do this with power and might are pills/ capsules.

LA Muscle is somewhat going against the tide here because most other sports nutrition companies are saying the total opposite. They want you to buy their protein bars, protein shakes, protein cookies, protein popcorn and so on and they tell you that those are going to make a big difference to your body and give you the rapid results you are looking for. Well, they won’t!

Protein shakes (yes LA Muscle does sell them) can keep your protein intake high IF you don’t consume enough protein through foods (most people do) but they will NOT build you that amazing body --> REPEAT: Protein shakes will NOT get you very muscular or make you lose a lot of weight. They can "help" but they are MILES behind pills/ capsules when it comes to strength. So why choose them over capsules? Well... you shouldn't!

If you want to CHANGE your body and actually see and feel significant results, you need pills or capsules. As simple as that! It is pills and capsules that contain the concentrated extracts that will change your physiology - just like those doctor’s pills.

LA Muscle has always had the ethos to give you the BEST results in the QUICKEST time. This is why you don’t see LA Muscle touting all that other junk that most supplements companies sell. Do you seriously think a protein bar full of sugar and syrup is going to make a radical change in your body? No and before you start saying “oh but it provides me with protein on the go” then remember that it also provides you with a lot of rubbish, fillers and extra calories you don’t need. If you are a meat-eater, you probably don’t even need the extra protein.

LA Muscle is a company that is either loved or hated. There is no middle line for most people. You either hate LA Muscle because its supplements are expensive and it tells you things that every other company disagrees with or you love LA Muscle because it is the ONLY company out there still sticking to true and honest principles. LA Muscle has the highest loyalty rating between all supplements companies.

In a tough industry, all other companies are constantly bringing out new so-called “innovations” to get you to part with your money. Protein candies, protein cookies, protein flapjacks, protein bars etc are NOT innovative! They do nothing to help you to get huge or lose significant weight. This is a FACT! The only true innovation when it comes to physiological changes in your body can only come in the form of pills and capsules. Remember that.

Yes LA Muscle’s capsules are expensive in comparison to others because they contain exclusive Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients. They are researched, manufactured to exact standards, stored differently and produce results like no other. In simple terms, they work.

If you want to build muscles, use Norateen Heavyweight II.

If you want to lose weight, use Fat Stripper Intense.



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