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Why this SECRET fat burner is the choice of CELEBS

Find out what the celebs use to get their amazing bodies

By LA Muscle on 13.04.2016 12:20 pm


A very well known celebrity boxer was at the LA Muscle offices some 10 years ago. He came with his agent to safe-guard his interests. It wasn't the first time a well-known person had come to visit LA Muscle. He wanted to get stronger, leaner and increase his stamina and he also had a great deal of anger and frustration, which was affecting his boxing and personal life. He was given a variety of supplements including LA Muscle’s Anger Management Supplement. He was told not to show it around or let people see him taking it. Do you know what his response was?

He said that since he became known and a “celebrity”, no brand had told him to hide their goods from the public eye! He thought it was very refreshing and a nice change. He continued to take LA Muscle supplements until he retired.

What’s the point of the above you ask? The point is that since LA Muscle is one of the most established and reputable supplements suppliers in the world, dealing with celebrities has been a regular occurrence at LA Muscle and all LA Muscle team members and staff are used to seeing celebs and have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

This brings us to Thermo 24 Intense AKA Fat Stripper Intense and why it is THE choice of celebrities and actors. The reason why you are not being told who uses it is 2 fold: a) most celebrities don’t want people to know their secrets and rely on LA Muscle to be discreet and b) most celebrities and people in the spotlight don’t want others to know they take fat-burners!

So… you will just have to trust LA Muscle in that many celebrities in the UK and USA rely on this one particular weight loss supplement which delivers without fail. Let’s find out what makes Thermo 24 Intense the choice of people in the know and those who demand the very best.

Thermo 24 Intense AKA Fat Stripper Intense is 100% natural

Actually whilst some celebs drink and smoke, many of them like to take care of their bodies and they do not like use anything which is not natural. Thermo 24 Intense is 100% natural, made up of natural ingredients and herbs and contains absolutely no artificial fillers or colours or additives. Thermo 24 Intense is as natural as a supplement is ever going to get.

No side effects - Which is RARE when it comes to fat burners

If you have used a few fat burners in the past, you will no doubt have seen a vast number of unwanted side effects such as: palpitations (dangerous), insomnia (unwanted and annoying), constipation (totally against the fat burning journey), allergic reactions (dubious untested ingredients) and many more.

Thermo 24 Intense gives absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS to users. Absolutely none. It is very gentle, yet effective and none of the ingredients are in dosages or combinations that can cause side effects. The formula is rigorously tested at LA Muscle's R&D labs and the ingredients are of course Pharmaceutical Grade too which means they are at the top of the table when it comes to quality. Nothing else comes close.

It actually works!

The thing about celebrities is that they don’t like to be disappointed! This goes for everyone but especially them as they are used to a whole different standard than the average Joe and they demand and expect to get preferential service and the very best products. It’s true that some celebrities opt for prescription drugs when it comes to shedding body fat - but this is a dangerous choice and habit and those who want natural, quick and proven weight loss, come to LA Muscle.

Thermo 24 Intense really and actually works! It does not disappoint.

If you want the CHOICE of celebrities when it comes to weight loss, whether male or female, try Thermo 24 Intense. It comes with LA Muscle’s 100% money back guarantee - a guarantee that is unmatched by any other company in this or any other industry.

The guarantee is that if you try this supplement and you don’t love it for any reason, you get your money back - even if you have used the whole tub! Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get that celebrity body with Thermo 24 and showcase it to the world.

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