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The Best Supplements For Christmas

Protect Your Gains During The Holidays

By LA Muscle on 20.12.2018 11:17 am


‘Tis the season for indulgence and recuperation but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your hard-earned gains over the festive period. We’ve put together a list of a few supplement essentials that should help tide you over and ensure that you finish the Christmas and New Year break with all your gains intact.


With all those delicious excess carbs and calories, you’ll want a good fat burner to keep your fat storage to a minimum during all of the festivities. We would recommend using Fat Stripper/Intense, Six Pack Pill/Extreme & Fat Buster. Any of those would be great choices and will help ensure you don’t take on too much extra weight over the holidays.


Another side effect of all that excess eating and drinking is excess water retention and bloating. These are some of the worst feelings over Christmas so a great product like Bloat No More will certainly help as it works very quickly. Just use it after a period of lots of eating or drinking and it will work its magic.


With a lot of festive food being heavily carb based, a lot of people can experience a lowering of their testosterone levels as not enough testosterone boosting foods may be eaten to keep them high enough. An easy way to solve this is to use a testosterone booster. We would recommend something from our Norateen range such as Norateen Heavyweight II and Norateen Gold.


Spending time over the holidays to rest and recover will allow your muscles to repair and come back in the new year fresh and ready to start a new period of training. During this rest time it’s important to provide your body with enough amino acids to aid muscle repair so LA Muscle’s Repo is a great, delicious tasting amino acid drink that can be taken a couple of times a day to help repair those tired muscles.


All that extra food and drink is certain to cause those energy levels to crash. We have just the solution to that with Limitless, a natural energy booster that will wake up and energise you to give you the prolonged energy you’ll need to power through the holidays. Its unique blend contains completely natural ingredients that will not cause any side effects or crashes, only completely sustained levels of energy.

As it’s the holiday season it’s a good time to relax your training and diet as you spend time resting and enjoying the end of the year with your family and friends. The supplements are great assistance to aid with “damage control” and will help you get through a busy end of year period, but also remember, your main goal at this time of year should be to just enjoy yourself!

Have a Happy Christmas and New Year from everyone at LA Muscle!



Bloat No More

Bloat No More

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