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Testorone 250: Inside the Formula

Testorone is an effective test booster that raises the testosterone levels naturally.

By LA Muscle on 25.06.2015 04:30 pm


Testosterone and its benefits are well known in the bodybuilding community. You cannot pack solid amount of muscle without having good testosterone levels. This is one of the reasons why young athletes generally perform better and manage to make bigger progress quicker. In other words, there is a direct connection between testosterone levels and muscular strength.

To truly appreciate the benefits of testosterone, we will first examine what it is. Testosterone is a hormone found in both men and women, but in different proportions. It is responsible for the development of male secondary sexual characteristics, such as an increase in size and mass of muscles, vocal cords (deeper voice), body hair and change of the shape of the skeleton to name a few. In other words, testosterone is what makes you a man.

Unfortunately, studies show that nowadays men’s testosterone levels have declined around 22% compared to 30 years ago. The reason? Well, we tend to have quite a sedentary lifestyle – starting from driving to work, then sitting at a desk for roughly 8 hours in the office, then back in the car for the commute home and finally landing on the sofa for the evening. Add processed food to the mix and you will begin to see why!

As you can imagine, low testosterone levels affect not only your libido (sexual drive), but also your mood and energy levels. You might feel depressed, exhausted and moody, so the effects can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. However, one of the most dramatic effects is on your fitness performance and results.

Higher testosterone levels lead to substantial increase in strength, muscle, protein synthesis and as a result, added lean mass. If that wasn't enough benefits, your focus, drive and recovery are also enhanced. Because of these benefits, many athletes reach for anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) or prohormones (steroids that are activated through body mechanisms). While using such substances, referred to as being on a cycle, the athlete becomes almost a superhuman when it comes to performance on the field or in the gym. However, there is a price you pay for that.

Some of the most common side effects are skin acne, testicular shrinkage, hair loss and gynecomastia (man boobs). Some of those are caused by the ridiculously high levels of testosterone, while others by the unnatural decrease in testosterone following the cycle. An athlete who has used steroids or prohormones then needs to go on what is known as a post-cycle therapy (PCT) to restore his body back to normal. This can take anything from a couple of weeks to half a year.

Because of the potential side effects and the hard time recovering from them, we do not recommend using those. Having said that, there is a natural way to increase testosterone levels without the associated drawbacks. This is done through testosterone boosters. They work synergistically with your body and the increase is gradual and within limits. Because we want to help our customers make the most out of their training and get the results they are after, we have developed Testorone 250, which consists of one of the most potent testosterone boosting ingredients – Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris.

Tribulus Terrestris is an extract from a fruit-producing Mediterranean plant, with the active compounds called steroidal saponins. There are dozens of studies, supporting the fact that tribulus can have an impact on testosterone levels. Some of the benefits it provides are increased libido, elevated testosterone levels, restored vigour, vitality and stamina. We have also made sure that we use the highest-quality tribulus on the market, sourced from Bulgaria.

Testorone 250 is 100% natural without any side effects or PCT required. It works along with the body and the increase of testosterone is within the acceptable limits. Therefore, by taking 1-2 capsules of Testorone 250 daily, you get all the benefits of increased testosterone, with nothing to worry about. Because it is 100% safe, it is easy to stack with pretty much any other supplement.





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