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Scientists Develop An “Exercise Pill”

Designed To Help You Stay Lean WITHOUT Exercise


Imagine just taking a pill and losing weight and building muscle without having to set foot in a gym ever again, or do any other kind of exercise for that matter. How does that sound?

Well it might sound like something out of a movie but scientists at the Salk Institute in San Diego have come up with a drug, code named GW501516, that does just that. So far it's only been tested on mice but the findings have been so ground-breaking that they believe it can have significant health benefits to those unable to exercise, such as those with obesity or serious physical conditions

The experimental drug was shown dramatically increase the endurance and stamina levels of the mice as they were able to run close to double their normal time before reaching their physical limit and exhaustion set in. As well as a super-stamina boost, other benefits included less weight being put on and better control of blood sugar levels, with the latter possibly showing beneficial use for people with diabetes. The pill is also claimed to be able to boost heart strength and develop more powerful muscles.

Study of the drug has found that the activity changed in around 1000 genes with most of those involved in the breakdown and burning of fat. The findings could enable the pill to be used by those unable to exercise as well as anyone who finds it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight via the conventional methods such as exercise and dieting.

Millions of people in the UK spend on average, less than 30 minutes per week doing any form of exercise. Since previous generations there has been a stark up-rise in sedentary activities not around during the times of our grandparents. Active lifestyles have gradually been replaced with binge-watching TV marathons, late night gaming sessions, over-active social media usage and so on.

Leading the team of scientists at the Salk Institute is Professor Ron Evans who has spent the last 10 years developing the drug, who said “If we really understand the science, can we replace training with a drug?”. That seems to be the question posed by millions of people worldwide who see exercise as a chore and live with the dream of being able to simply pop a pill and watch the weight fall off. It also seems to be the stuff of miracles which could enable those with serious conditions to help them become healthier and make their conditions more manageable as well as their lives a little bit better.

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