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There will probably come a time when most of us - for whatever reason - won’t be able to train. Whether it be increased work demands, exams at University, or a chilled out relaxing holiday, we live in a world full of training restrictions and pressures that limit the time we can dedicate to maintaining or improving our physiques.

But that’s not what we want to hear is it! We spend so much time, effort, blood and sweat in the gym, we don’t want a break of a few weeks to set us back...

Click here to read "how to spare muscle".

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Since launching Diet Whey back in December, LA Muscle have received extensive positive feedback related to this product. The key factor that makes this product so popular, effective and unique, is glucomannan - a research proven weight loss ingredient.

Glucomannan works by reducing the digestion speed of sugars in the diet . This effect is very powerful as it prevents a dramatic inulin spike which is responsible for extensive weight gain.

Buy LA Diet Whey now.

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LA Up Close takes an in-depth look into the life of an LA Muscle ambassador. This week we talk with fitness model and former track and field athlete, Amy Wakeham.

Amy has many career achievements, including a top 3 placing in the Diva Fitness Modelling category at the WFBB Pro in Orlando. In this short interview, Amy discusses her road to the competitive stage, her nutrition plan, and the intense training regime that got her in such great shape! Click here to read about Amy Wakeham's fitness journey.

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Sculpting a lean, muscular physique is all about training and dieting consistency, and it's therefore essential that you have delicious, healthy recipes in your locker for when the cravings kick in!

To help you this month, fitness competitor and LA Muscle ambassador Rebecca Hamilton, shares her delicious strawberry and raspberry protein cheesecake recipe.This snack not only tastes great, but also packs a healthy nutritious punch, with fantastic macro nutrients and a low GI. Discover the recipe here.

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Are you somewhat new to the gym or just unsure whether what you're doing is sufficient to meet your training goals? In this video by the Active Channel, celebrity trainer and bodybuilder Dean Ash, identifies things you should not do in the gym if you want to see progress. He covers key topics such as form, injury prevention and the importance of a controlled tempo of the movement when trying to stimulate muscle growth.

Watch How Not To Train, with Dean Ash on the Active Channel here.

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Do you lack energy day-to-day? Or maybe you're still struggling to shrug off an unwanted bloat? In order to know your body, you must firstly have a solid understanding of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and their impact on building a healthy and aesthetic body. Therefore LA Muscle have collated key nutritional information of some of the worlds healthiest foods, allowing you to develop a well-rounded diet capable of eliciting dramatic changes to your health and how your body looks. Enter the LA Muscle School.



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