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Green Tea has numerous benefits and can be taken by anyone, as it’s not only great for sports performance, but also all round general health and a fantastic weight loss aid. Most impressive of all is Green Tea’s antioxidant capabilities. The body is often subject to oxidative stress as a result of numerous factors including exercise and sun exposure. This can cause cellular damage such as “ageing” and in severe cases, cancer. Antioxidants are the natural aid to combat this problem and act as an oxidative barrier, and are therefore essential for detoxing and cellular preservation.
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I often hear the term “faddy diet” thrown around whenever someone labels a nutrition plan with a common name. Many of these faddy diets however are in fact the basis of a solid nutrition program for a human. Take the paleo diet. This diet is far from faddy and should be the types of fresh, natural food that every healthy human should strive to eat. Intermittent fasting is similar.

Only in recent times has food become so abundant and we are constantly subliminally told to eat at every given opportunity Read More...

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Are you struggling to build size in your chest and triceps?

In this video by the active channel, bodybuilder and personal trainer Dean Ash takes you through a gruelling chest and tricep workout. He identifies and demonstrates exercises, rep ranges and tempo which will give you that sculpted chest and thick triceps.

Click here to watch Dean Ash Chest and Tricep training.

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Just the other day I was showing a guy around the gym who stated that he would "never be able to get a six pack". I asked him why and he laughed and said "look at me". Granted, he had about 5 stone to lose but I quickly assured him that we all have a six pack (or rectus abdominis) and that with consistency and hard work, there was no reason it shouldn't make an appearance.

I knew how he felt, as I was once of the same opinion. I couldn't see my abs prior to having a baby and had pretty much given up on them after having a child by c-section Click here to read more...

So, you've got the diet in check and your post workout protein shake is sitting nicely in the kit bag. There's just one ingredient left before your physique becomes reality. And its the ingredient that every gym goers will ask themselves, or somebody else, at some point – what is the perfect rep range for muscle growth?

When you first start training it's not uncommon for everybody to tell you different things; the experienced in this muscle building game believe they know all the answers and that his or her training methods are the best. Click here to read more...

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LA Muscle understands the importance of a sustainable diet when it comes to transforming your physique. Having a diet is all well and good but only if you're able to stick to it, to the point where it goes from being a diet to a lifestyle! The key factor within all of this is not only eating healthy food, but food that tastes great. LA Kitchen will therefore share recipe ideas tailored for your goals, whether it be to sculpt that lean physique for summer or to make some serious strength gains. Check out this weeks LA Muscle Peanut Butter, Banana & Chocolate protein shake!



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