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Try This Workout For Bigger Biceps And Back

2 Moves To Add Lean Muscle

By LA Muscle on 17.10.2019 02:21 pm


Two of the most coveted body parts for people that train regularly are biceps and back. Aesthetically, the can greatly compliment a physique when fully developed. Being one of the biggest muscle groups, your back requires a variety of exercises to fully develop every part of it and the majority of those exercises happen to be supported by the biceps, so they work well together when trained in the same workouts.

A good way to encourage muscle growth is by increasing the amount of time your muscles are under tension, which increases the stimulus to repair and grow them bigger. The movements should be slow and steady, with the reps being done slowly and focused on technique and control.

This workout will involve 2 exercises. The first one is bicep curls which should be done with the movement starting in a high-hold position, with the curls alternated from arm to arm. Use two dumbbells of a challenging but comfortable weight. Let them hang, holding the weights in a supinated grip (palms face up).

Curl both weights to your shoulders and, using this as your start position, alternate between slow, controlled alternating reps. Once your form starts to break down, which won’t take long, slowly lower both arms back down.

The second exercise, this time for the back, is timed wide-grip pull-ups. Grab the bar with a wide grip how you would normally do this exercise. With each rep, pull yourself up over the count of two, hold for one, and then lower back down over two. In the bottom position, resist the urge to dead hang. Instead, keep your shoulders stable by maintaining tension through your lats and scapulas.

Time under tension training is a great way to force your muscles into growing as it is a proven method to help increase muscle mass. Try adding this training method to some of your compound lifts of your training plan and you’ll absolutely start to see a massive difference within a few weeks.



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