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Get A Solid Six Pack With This Two Weight Workout

Simple & Effective Core Finisher

By LA Muscle on 26.09.2019 01:31 pm


In order to develop a solid six pack you don’t need to focus solely on the abdominals and you also don’t even have to do any crunches. Whilst a lot of exercises may look like they involve an aspect of a “crunch”, many of them are instead a form of core activation that focuses the contraction on your mid-section.

A lot of exercises you should be doing to help see visibly defined abs should activate your core regularly which will also in turn aid your performance with other exercises, such as compounds. This exercise is uncomplicated and the only requirements are an adjustable weight bench and a pair of kettlebells or dumbbells.


Set the bench to a decline position and you start the exercise with both weights in your arms with arms bent and the weights just above your chest. As you sit up to the top of the movement, in the middle you are going to tense your abs and crunch them hard. Then continue to sit up and you will raise one of the weights up in the air as a press before returning it back to your chest as you lower yourself back into the starting position. You will do the same again but with the opposite weight this time. As you alternate and do one with each weight that will count as one rep.

Try and do as many reps as possible and this exercise is a great workout for multiple muscle groups such as your abs, core, obliques, lower back, arms and shoulders. You can incorporate this finisher into your ab workouts and use it as the final thing to really push your core strength to its limits and it will help build muscle AND burn body fat.



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