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7 muscle myths you need to know about

BUSTED! Wrong info that's been holding you back!

By LA Muscle on 02.07.2014 11:50 am


Lifting slower gets you bigger

No. You can do the negative part of an exercise slower but studies have shown that the “lifting” part needs to be fast for explosive growth.

Muscle Myths

More protein builds more muscle mass

No! It’s true that consuming more protein will increase muscle mass but this does not mean that there is no upper limit. Your body can only absorb a certain amount in each sitting and overall in a day. Stick to maximum 2g per lb of bodyweight. Any more than this and you are wasting money. A great source of high quality protein is LA Whey.

If you are not sore, you haven’t worked out hard enough

This may be true for beginners but as you advance, you cannot measure how hard you have worked out and how much you will grow by how sore you are afterwards.

Stretching prevents injuries

This is a common held belief. In actual fact, experts say that stretching will increase flexibility but most injuries are “within” the range of motion. So according to many experts, stretching does not prevent injuries!

8-12 reps build muscles

This old school view originates from the 1950s. It is true to some extent but new research shows that variations in reps build the best bodies. Some days low, some days high.

Lifting weights will make you bulky

Wrong! Lifting “heavy” will make you bulky. Lifting light weights will give you that so called “toned” look but will not make you bulky.

Local exercises reduce local fat

Some people believe that lunges help you lose fat from your hips or that sit-ups help you lose fat from your ab region. This is not correct. You cannot spot-reduce fat. You can only burn “overall” body fat.



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