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Insane Arm Workout for Freaky Arms!!

Bringing The Gun Show - By WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

By LA Muscle on 04.09.2017 03:36 pm


Arms are the body part every young boy wants to develop. Every young lifters dream is to have biceps that peak vascular perfection, framed by diamond shaped triceps that look as full from the from as they do from behind and for WBFF pro Neil Anderson arms always tended to be a 'lagging' body part.

Neil as a young boy started to lift and develop fairly quickly, however as his chest, back and shoulders grew, he struggled to see the same results from his arms. No matter what he did and how much he lifted they just never responded.

However, Neil has never been one for quitting or making excuses, so after having done some research and getting some top advice from trainers he actually found that he was training arms too much and putting so much strain on them that they simply wouldn't grow.

What he failed to take into account was that when he was working muscle groups such as back, chest, shoulders etc he was still hitting his arms as all these muscle groups require work from the bicep and triceps. And having hitting arms three times weekly on top of this, he was failing to provide them with the rest they needed for optimum growth.

So with this in mind he totally revamped his routine and minimised his training to just once a week he started to see results instantly. And from this moment on there was no holding back for the boy from Northern Ireland as he just grew and grew on the bodybuilding stage.

Having won and still winning a variety of WBFF pro bodybuilding titles, Neil has agreed to share his top arm routine exclusively with LA Muscle fans. He recommends performing the below once a week once weekly for around 30-45 minutes per session. He also advises to work them hard, heavy and using proper form for maximum results.


Close supinated chins 4-6 reps ( 4 second eccentric/lowering phase, pause 2 seconds, fast/controlled concentric/lifting phase approx 1 sec)

Seated 45 degree curls 1 1/4 Reps x 8-10 ( 3 second eccentric, no pause, 1 second concentric)

Seated 45-Degree hammer curls 10-12 (3 second eccentric, 2 second pause, 1 second cocentric)


Weighted close grips dips 6-8 reps (4 second eccentric, 2 second pause, 1 concentric)

Lying Close Grip

(Watson hammer grip_

Triceps extension 6-8 reps (3,1,1)

Bicep EZ Curl x 12 Superset Tricep Kick Back x12 x3-4 reps


Neil uses LA Muscle Possessed pre-training as well as during workout sessions and LA Whey protein post training.

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WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson

WBFF Pro Neil Anderson



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