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How Hollywood Stars Gain Muscle Fast

Their Secrets Revealed

By LA Muscle on 12.04.2018 05:31 pm


The stars of Hollywood's action movies have long been known for putting on a ridiculous amount of muscle in very short periods of time. We go from watching an actor have an extremely slender frame in one movie to having a muscular ripped physique in the next, with only a couple of months in between. How are they able to achieve such drastic transformations in so short a timespan?

Here are a few secrets of the trade some Hollywood actors have mentioned as to how they achieved their transformations so quickly.


If you want to put on a massive amount of muscle then you need to consume a massive amount of calories. Mark Wahlberg has stated that putting on muscle for some of his roles involved eating 10 meals per day, including mass gainers, with some of the meals involving waking up in the middle of the night.

A dramatic change and discipline are required in your eating habits if you're serious about achieving your goals and this is proof that you have to do whatever it takes with your diet to ensure you keep adding muscle and size.

Start by increasing your calories by 500 daily and increasing this if required until you start to see visible changes.


Lift like you have never lifted before. Going heavy stimulates more muscle growth; it's a known fact. It recruits more muscle fibres and forces them into growth. For becoming Thor, Chris Hemsworth stated that he trained very heavy every day for 100 days prior to filming. This involved gruelling workouts where he pushed himself to his limits and beyond in order to look like the Norse Thunder God.

In order to achieve this safely, you will need to train at the maximum level you can and then gradually increase the weights every few days. This will be very tough, but if you keep at it then results will be guaranteed.

To make this more achievable either train with a partner who can spot you on every exercise or use equipment that has safety measures in place, such as a smith-machine for bench press.


If you want to double your results, a good way is to double your sessions. Also known as “2 a days”, splitting your sessions into two daily sessions can help rapidly speed up results as you will burn more body fat and make use of added time to ensure everything is done in your training to make sure you are on your way to getting the physique you are after.

Whilst we may not have the time on our hands that Hollywood stars do, a good way of doing this is to make use of the time we have to optimise training results. This can be done by waking up and doing fasted cardio and in the evening doing some weight training.

Double sessions are recommend in the final 2-3 weeks of your deadline as they can take their toll so will be most beneficial at the final push towards your goal.


One personality trait these actors all have in common is extreme motivation. If you were getting paid $50 million dollars to get in shape for a role you'd be motivated too! Even if you're just getting in shape for a personal goal, whether it's a holiday, photoshoot or just for yourself, without motivation it's likely nothing will change.

Drive and determination separate the do-ers from the dreamers so if you want to achieve a dramatic change in your physique you'll need to seriously ramp up your drive and get your body into gear.

A deadline or a set date goal is the best motivation around for helping to achieve results. This is because we are forced into action at the risk of failure by the time the end date comes around. Usually this is enough to make the majority of us work hard to achieve great results in the end.


A lot of actors are known for their steroid-use, they openly admit what they use and that is their choice. On the other-hand, there are also a lot of actors who refuse to go down that route as they prefer to stay more natural in order to not let anything after their health or cause negative side effects. Although it is harder, we always recommend this route as it is a lot better for your health and there is no reason you cannot achieve the same results as long as you're willing to put the work in.

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