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The 3 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Beginners

Improve your fitness with these exercises

By LA Muscle on 16.04.2022 09:49 am


Dumbbells are very versatile and applicable to multiple exercises throughout the body. Consistently performing these exercises can lead to a significant improvement in your fitness.

1. Split squat

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart as you hold a dumbbell in each hand. Just like you would when you lunge, step forward with one foot. Lower yourself towards the floor while keeping your weight on the heels of your front foot and toes of your back foot. The knee of the back leg should almost touch the floor while your front thigh is parallel with the ground. Utilize your leg muscles to push your body back towards the starting position while stabilizing your body with your core, controlling your body and weight together. Repeat every few seconds on each leg to ensure an even workout.

With this exercise, you will be able to engage almost all of the muscles in your lower body and help to strengthen your core.

2. Bench press

Hold both dumbbells in your hands while lying on a flat bench with your elbows below your body. Focus on using your pec muscles to push the weight up, gradually bringing the dumbbells about an inch apart.

Reverse the movement slowly to return to the starting position. To get the best results, pick a weight that you can handle.

Dumbbell bench presses are a great way to work the rear deltoids and other stabilizer muscles. Additionally, it is much safer and easier than benching with a barbell.

3. Reverse fly

In reverse fly exercises, you can perform them lying down, sitting, or standing up against an inclined bench. To do the standing reverse fly, hold the dumbbells in each hand while bending at your waist using your hip as a hinge until you are almost parallel to the ground.

While maintaining a straight back and keeping your core fixed, slowly extend your arms outward until they are almost in line with the back, with both arms almost parallel to it. To avoid being injured, it is important to lower your weight back to the starting position in a controlled manner.

The reverse fly strengthens your stabilizer muscles, such as the trapezius and rhomboids, as well as your deltoids and shoulders. The exercise improves posture since it stretches out the underused muscles when you slouch.

Performing these exercises on a regular basis will work many of the muscle groups in your body.

Start with small weights, then gradually increase your load as you become comfortable with these movements. Once you are confident, you challenge yourself with heavier dumbbells and movements.

Support for strength training

If you plan to lift weights regularly, you should give your body enough fuel for the effort. Make sure you are getting enough calories, particularly if you're doing strength training.

If you want to gain muscle mass or improve strength, you should also track your protein intake closely. The LA Muscle LA Whey Gold supplement contains Pharma Grade Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate in a formula that boosts recovery and keeps you feeling great hours after consumption.

When you combine consistent strength training routines that include dumbbells with adequate protein intake and the right diet, you'll see big improvements in muscle size, strength, and overall fitness.

3 of the best dumbbell exercises for beginners
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