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Your definitive 2018 muscle building guide

Everything you need to know to get muscular and lean in 2018

By LA Muscle on 27.12.2017 07:31 am


Building your ideal body

People make life way more complicated than it needs to be. Building muscles is really not that difficult if you learn the secret and every seemingly impossible task has a “key”. Just look at the Hollywood actors who want to get big quick for a movie as an example. How is it that they can get muscular and lean in literally a few weeks? The answer is that they have been given this “key”. Now, you are about to be given this key.

The real secret to muscle building

A number of ingredients add up to give you a muscular physique in record time. As long as you add the same ingredients to your life, you too can have a muscular and lean physique. There is no secret apart from the fact that the secret is the obvious and the combination of these factors.


This is stating the obvious. You need to train to get muscular but HOW you train and how often, are what is important in your quest for a muscular body in record time. You must make sure that your training is very heavy and intense enough for you to stimulate new muscle growth. If you do the same weight or the same intensity, you will not get bigger.

You also need to make sure that you do not over-train and that you give your muscles enough time to rest and recuperate. Overtraining is as bad as not training and can definitely stop you from getting muscular. Rest is as important as being in the gym. Remember that muscles are really built “after” your workout.

A good workout needs to be one where your muscles fully contract and stretch; this is why good form is important. You also need to make sure you split your body, so you are not overtraining certain body parts, especially smaller muscles like the biceps.

Ideally you need to train each body-part no more than once every 5-7 days. This is so crucial, especially if you are not using steroids and you are a natural trainer. Those people you see who are in the gym every day training the same body parts use a lot of steroids and they lose most of their gains when they come off steroids!

A good training regime is a split routine, where you train your various body parts once a week and you concentrate on large compound movements - similar to powerlifters. An Example is below:


Chest, triceps and shoulders




Back, biceps, forearms




Legs, calves




Core, abs


Nutrition is a huge part of “getting big”. You really need to eat like a bodybuilder to look like a muscleman. You need to eat way over what you are used to and you need to get the idea of having just a sandwich for lunch out of your head! To get big, you need to eat big.

A good example of someone that gets big fast is Tom. He cooks a big bowel of pasta and chicken at night and he eats it the next day - between 5-7 meals of it! Yes, this is what you need to eat to get big, especially if you find it hard to put size on.

You must not stay away from carbohydrates if you want to get big and you must ensure you are eating at least 5 times a day at regular intervals and that each of your meals contains a sufficient amount of carbs and protein.


Remember we talked about “secrets” early on? Well, protein is one of those secrets to building a big muscular and lean physique in record time. The Hollywood actors that go to these specialist trainers and end up looking amazing in a few weeks are quite literally drip-fed protein hourly, even throughout the night.

You must not neglect protein intake when it comes to building a muscular lean body. You have to aim for 2g of protein per lb of bodyweight and make sure you ARE ingesting that much every day at regular intervals. Forget others who don’t know what they are talking about. EVERY top celebrity trainer crams protein into their client’s bodies, IF they want to get big.

The best sources of protein are meat such as beef, chicken, turkey and fish. Many people find it difficult to cram in a lot of quality protein constantly, so this is where high quality protein powders come in. And remember, you need “high quality” to get the results you are looking for. Cheap protein will not do the job and will most certainly not get you lean.

Make sure you drink a high quality protein shake like LA Whey within 10 minutes after your workout and throughout the day, especially when you can’t get the meals in.

Testosterone Booster

If you are reading this LA Muscle article, then the assumption is that you believe and trust the LA Muscle brand, a brand that has been around for over 20 years because it provides real answers to real problems when it comes to your body.

If you truly want to build a muscular and lean body VERY FAST, then you need a good Testosterone Booster. Seriously, this is a must and anyone that tells you otherwise is misinformed or is one of these people that talks about things they know nothing about.

Testosterone is the master hormone that builds strength, muscles and keeps you lean. Your Testosterone declines as you age and this is a big reason why people find it hard to build real muscles. As soon as you introduce a natural Testosterone Booster into your regime, it tells your pituitary gland and your testes to make more Testosterone, which in turn gets you strong and lifting more usually within 1 day,

With added Testosterone and more lifts, you start building more muscles and you get leaner. Testosterone “drives” you and motivates you and makes sure you are aggressive and persistent enough to go to the gym and get the job done. So, if you truly want to build serious muscles and not mess about, then you need to take a testosterone booster.

One of the best Testosterone Boosters that guarantees results is Norateen Gold. Take it for 1 month and see for yourself.

To recap, building a muscular and lean body is not difficult if you have all the right ingredients, which are: heavy intense weight training, at least 8 hours sleep a night, a split training routine, lots of carbohydrates and lots of protein spaced throughout the day and the final ingredient being a strong testosterone booster such as the Pharmaceutical Grade Norateen Gold. The very best of luck to you and here’s to a more muscular you .



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