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Tips To Burn Calories At The Office

How To Be More Active

By LA Muscle on 24.04.2018 04:49 pm


Working at a desk job can make it difficult to burn calories during the day and keep your metabolism ticking over. The sedentary environment can prove disastrous for most people but fear not as these tips are proven to help stay active and keep those calories burning right the way up office closing time and beyond.


Cycling is great exercise as it's an active workout for the whole body and is also great for cardiovascular health. If you usually walk or drive to work take advantage of the warmer weather and start cycling. Not only is it great cardio but you'll burn a lot of calories and will be well on your way to your weight loss goals!


Most people that work in a big building might not even know where the staircase is, or possibly only used them in case of a fire alarm or emergency. Admittedly it is a lot easier to get the elevator but it only contributes to a sedentary lifestyle as well as our own laziness. If and when possible, try and use the stairs more often. It will help burn more calories and bump up your daily step count!


We may get really busy at work but take the time to stay more active and not spend the whole time there at your desk. Whether it's to make a drink, get something from the printer or just to stretch your legs, make more of an effort to get up and move as moving is what burns calories!


Sitting for long periods has been proven to be detrimental to our health. So much so, that there are now built in alerts on smart watches that remind you every hour to get up and stand for a few minutes. They can be annoying if you're in the middle of something but they're on the right track. Standing will use calories, stretch out the muscles and improve blood flow.


This can be an annoying one if your office building has a company car park so we understand if it's not an option, however if it doesn't and you drive to work then try parking your car somewhere safe that's a 5-10 minute walk away from your office. It'll force you to become more active and the walk can also be good for your mental health as it can help clear your mind.


This has been a bit of a trend for years with companies even ditching all of their office chairs in favour of something that's meant to be better for your posture and also helps build a stronger core. Whilst a lot of people remain undecided if this is a fad or here for the long term can be down to personal opinion, however the health benefits are obvious.


Whether it's as small as a hand grip or as big as a set of dumbbells, try and incorporate some functional exercise equipment into your office environment. If you're not able to move too far from your desk then think of different ways in which you can optimise your environment. Leave some equipment at work and even if there's a nice park near your building, take it there on your break and do a quick circuit. The calories you burn off will definitely add up by the end of the day!

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