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Are you fat or just bloated? Find out here...

Here's how to avoid that bloated look

By LA Muscle on 06.12.2014 10:53 am


By Donnie Brown

Did you see that photo of Keanu Reeves recently? Was he getting fat or was he just bloated?

Here’s something interesting: Sometimes it’s better to be fat than bloated. This is because you can look a hell of a lot fatter when you are bloated than if you are actually overweight. How can you tell the difference between being fat or just bloated? What is being bloated anyway? Let’s find out.

Chances are, the majority of times when you take a photo and you “hate yourself”, you are just plain BLOATED! How do you end up that way? You eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong drinks and just don’t pay attention to your body, enough to notice when you are on the wrong track to Bloat City.

Being bloated usually comes about a lot faster than being fat. You can quite literally “bloat up” in a matter of hours. You ain’t gonna’ get get fat in a few hours, that’s a guarantee.

The bloated look is that unhealthy, super-fat, cheeks, chins and belly popping out look. It makes your photos look horrible and makes you want to burn your clothes, especially the lighter coloured ones.

So what foods and drinks give you that bloated look and how can you avoid it?

  • The number 1 culprits in that bloated look are fizzy drinks. You must avoid them at all costs. This includes sparkling water. All that gas and bubble just goes all inside you, bloating the hell out of you. Don’t believe me? Try an experiment. Take a photo of yourself. Drink 2 Cokes. Wait 2 hours. Take another photo in the same place and in the same light. SHOCK HORROR!!!
  • Salt is another big “bloater”. Salt makes you hold on to water and just puffs the hell out of your face, belly, chin, thighs etc. Avoid salt and try and up your potassium to flush some of the water out.
  • Gluten is the number 1 offending food when it comes to making you feel bloated. Any foods rich in gluten will bloat you, BIG TIME. Many people who have that chiseled, sexy, low fat look avoid gluten like the plague! This means no bread, pasta or wheat in any form. You can find alternatives such as gluten-free bread and pasta.

There’s others. Obviously any unhealthy foods will contribute to the bloated look. For example biscuits (full of gluten/salt), pizza (gluten/salt) and so on, will all contribute to you looking unhealthy and bloated. BLOATED is when your rings suddenly don't fit overnight!

OK OK, so much bad news. Now for a bit of good... How can you quickly get rid of that bloated feeling and look a bit decent in photos again?

Here’s some quick tips…

  • Drink plenty of low sodium water. Try at least 2 litres throughout the day.
  • Up your vegetable intake, especially broccoli, spinach and greens.
  • Don’t get dehydrated. Avoid alcohol for example.
  • Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a night.
  • Do cardio exercise whenever you can.
  • Include more lean meats in your diet, especially beef.
  • Avoid all gluten for a while. Don’t have any bread or pasta and read labels to make sure your food doesn’t contain gluten.
  • Take an anti-bloat supplement. LA Muscle has developed a fantastic new “quick fix” for that bloated look. It’s incredible and works in just hours. Try it for yourself. Take a photo in the morning. Take Bloat No More once in the morning and one in the evening. Take a photo the next day. You will look totally different, lean and healthier. Bloat no more is also ideal for anyone wanting that ripped six pack look.

Ultimately, your bloated look is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and in particular your eating habits. If you look boated in the mirror and in photos, this means you are not eating/drinking right and you need to pay attention to this area.



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