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Why you fail and how you can change that

Mindset is key to success


Probably like most people you set goals for yourself and you go about trying to achieve them and somewhere along the line you realise that you're no closer to achieving your goals.

Sports and sporting achievements are the same when it comes to goal setting and quite often, the failure of not being able to reach those goals.
The number one reason why you end up not reaching your goals is nothing to do with your physical capabilities or the things around you. The number one reason for you not reaching your goals in sports, weight loss, muscle building or anything else is to do with your mind and how you've set your mind and how your mind works.

If you want to achieve anything in life whether it is an easy task or an impossible mission, you need to set your mind in the right way.

How do you set your mind in the right way?

The best way of setting your mind so failure is not an option is to find a very strong reason for why you must do something and why you must not fail at that task.
Most people do not start tasks with that very strong initial reason and therefore when the Going Gets Tough they fail at some stage along the journey.

You've all heard the story about the boy that had sand thrown in his face and decided that this will never happen to him again and so he took up weightlifting and got a very big and strong. This strong reason was so innately imbedded in him that nothing would stop him from reaching his goal of becoming very muscular and strong.

If you can find that very strong reason in your own endeavours and you can justify it in your mind and cement that belief and go over it again and again before you start anything, then chances are you will go through with your journey and will not be put off buy any obstacles. For example, the woman that couldn't fit in the funfair ride because she was too fat and embarrassed her children. Or the guy that got pushed around in the coffee queue by a bigger guy and was so ashamed in front of his wife. These are powerful reasons that can motivate the right mindset.

So, before you start any task, whether it is losing fat, building muscles, or becoming an athlete, you must work on your mind first and get your mind the strongest you can possibly get it. If you cannot find that strong reason for doing something, then you're better off not starting because the odds will be stacked against you especially when obstacles start getting in your way.

Most successful people, whether in sports or in life, do not necessarily have amazing physical abilities or luck, they have great minds and know how to program their mind in the most powerful way.

Write down your main goal right now, and then write down 10 very strong reasons why you must achieve it, and 10 very strong reasons why you cannot fail. Out of each list choose the number one reason and make sure that is embedded in your mind. Remember failure is not an option and if your number one reason for achieving and your number 1 reason for not failing are not strong enough and you feel you may fail at some stage, go back and redo the list.

Get your mindset right and anything is possible. The very best of luck.

Parham Donyai

LA Muscle Group



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