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LA Muscle is making a shampoo??

A miracle shampoo for itchy, flaky, dandruff-ridden scalp

By Parham Donyai on 22.02.2019 09:59 am


One of my relatives suffers quite badly from dandruff and an itchy, flaky scalp. She’s been like this forever. About a year ago at a family party, she asked if I could help her, maybe by making a shampoo?

Now, it’s funny because I know for a fact that to some people on the outside, they think LA Muscle is just like any other supplements company, selling supplements to make a profit.

As much as this is true, I would like to take you back to 20+ years ago, if I may.

I was a lawyer, working for a law firm when suddenly I decided I didn’t like law or lawyers! So, I left and went working for a supplements company as a trade executive. I moved up the ranks and after a year, decided I wanted to set up my own supplements company. Primary reason? I didn’t like the fact that the supplements where I was working were not as pure as they could have been.

LA Muscle’s mission 20 years ago and now

As far as I am concerned, every one of LA Muscle’s supplements is there to solve a problem or serve a need. None of the supplements came about as the result of an accident.

Take the Norateen range. They came about because as a skinny bodybuilder with real problems trying to get bigger and stronger, I felt I needed to develop something that would help me… and millions of others in the process.

The Six Pack Pill is another example. Sit-ups and eating tiny portions are never going to be the answer to not seeing your abs. You need a fat-burner that targets deep-rooted fat that has been gathered over years and with no blood flow where the fat is stored, just stays there.

The point being that LA Muscle’s mission was and still is to help people with specific problems overcome them. The supplements are expensive because there is research behind them and the ingredients are the very best pharmaceutical grade you can get.

It really upsets me when I see people put all supplements in the same basket. That’s just crazy! You are assuming that every supplements company has the same mission, morals, raw materials, equipment, storage, formulas etc etc Nothing can be further from the truth. Which brings me to the shampoo.

The shampoo industry should be ashamed of themselves

What do I know about shampoos? Well, as it transpired, quite a bit. Most industries are built to serve the masses but also to keep them coming back, even if it is by NOT fixing their problem! I know, it sounds immoral and it is.

The issue with basically all shampoos is that they have one of the strongest skin irritants known to man inside them! Isn’t that crazy? It is called Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) and was developed in World War 2 as an engine degreasant!! If you don't believe me, go and check the label of your current shampoo.

SLS and its derivatives are used widely in all shampoos, soaps and cleaning products because they get rid of grease and in the process, irritate the hell out of many people’s skins. Even the most well-known so-called anti-dandruff shampoos also contain SLS! And there my friends lies the reason why they don’t actually work very well. They are skin irritants!

The shampoo industry can easily take out the SLS but what will happen is that a) your dandruff will possibly get fixed forever, so you won’t need their “fix” any more and b) your hair may not “feel” as clean - this is a false sense of feeling clean as a result of your use of SLS since childhood.

What is currently on offer for an itchy, flaky, red, dandruff-ridden scalp?

If you just have a little bit of dandruff, then a normal dandruff shampoo is probably what you will use. By the way as a side note, if you stopped all wheat and sugar, you will probably reduce your dandruff by 80%.

If you have an itchy or flaky scalp or something more serious like eczema or scalp psoriasis, then there are a whole load of potions available out there:

Coal tar shampoos - They work to a certain extent but you end up smelling like a newly-laid road and no one knows if regular use of coal tar is good for health (probably not!).

Anti-fungal shampoos - Most people with itchy flaky scalps do not have fungus and so the anti-fungal shampoos don’t work for the majority of people.

Salicylic acid shampoos - They are given to people to get rid of the flakes but salicylic acid is an irritant!

Tea-tree shampoos - They are not bad if it wasn’t for them having SLS derivatives!

Herbal shampoos - Most herbal shampoos contain SLS. The ones that don’t are just some experimental peace and love stuff full of “botanics” that further irritate the scalp.

The shampoo I have been developing is BAD-ASS!

As I was saying, once I started researching shampoos, I found out that I already knew all this stuff I have been telling you about and more. Just like when I develop LA Muscle supplements to serve a need, that same passion got fired up to try and help people with an itchy, flaky, dandruff-ridden scalp that basically have no real product to help them.

I started from scratch. I knew that a shampoo that would help my relative and millions of others needs to start from a point where others had not started from. That point was to not follow the others!!! lol

A truly beneficial shampoo for a problematic scalp needs to not have any SLS or derivates, needs to not have anything irritating, needs to have the right ph balance, needs to clean but not over-clean and needs to be gentle on the scalp. It also needs a couple of magic ingredients which I found with relative ease.

I found the magic formula!

To cut a long story short, after months and months of researching, development and testing various formulas with one of the best labs in the world, I found the right combination. We have now brought the development into the LA Muscle R&D labs. Will the shampoo take over the world? Who knows. I think unfortunately most people are too brain-washed to accept anything other than what they see on TV and what their doctor recommends them.

For those who will come across my shampoo when it eventually launches, I have no doubt that they will never go back to any other shampoo. They may thank me or not! I don’t mind.

The trials for the shampoo are currently still ongoing at the time of writing this. If you have an itchy, flaky, red scalp or scalp psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema, I will be happy to send you a free sample for you to try - subject to the timing and availability of samples. In return, I would like some before-after photos and a video testimonial.

I have no doubt you will see incredible benefits from using the shampoo. All test subjects currently are reporting miraculous results. If you would like to take part, email me direct at

So, as it turns out, I was able to help my relative and her scalp problem afterall, because she was one of the first test subjects and is over the moon with her new shampoo. The final product is still months away from launch. It needs to go through a lot more testing and development. Just like LA Muscle supplements, the shampoo needs to be perfect before launch. It may not be everyone’s perfect but it will be my perfect and I have extremely high standards.

I hope to be able to offer you this ground-breaking shampoo towards the middle of 2019. It may not have LA Muscle on it but it will be part of the LA Muscle Group and if you are subscribed to the LA Muscle mailing list, then you will be sure to hear about it first.

Parham Donyai

Founder, CEO
LA Muscle Group

Parham Donyai

Parham Donyai


Parham Donyai is the founder of LA Muscle, having established the company in 1997. He has been a qualified complimentary medicine practitioner of almost 30 years.
Parham is a very successful serial entrepreneur with companies in various fields worldwide. Parham is an author, motivational speaker and mentor to businesses and individuals.



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