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COVID-19 A Message from The LA MUSCLE CEO

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By LA Muscle on 19.03.2020 08:09 pm


Dear Valued LA Muscle Customers

As COVID-19 is becoming more widespread, I would like to address a number of key points for your reassurance and safety.


As a Pharmaceutical Grade sports nutrition company, we take health and safety very seriously. All staff at LA Muscle’s offices have been thoroughly informed and trained on hygiene processes to reduce the risks of COVID-19. Anyone visiting LA Muscle’s HQ will be asked to thoroughly wash their hands and any staff dealing with you will have done likewise.


We have several back-up measures in place so disruption to your orders are avoided. Obviously we cannot control delivery companies and their staff. For now, LA muscle is operating at 100% normal capacity and it is business as usual. We can guarantee you that all orders placed will be processed and delivered as normal, usually next day in the UK. Please feel free to panic buy and stock up on LA Muscle supplement as much as you want!

General Anxiety

COVID-19 most certainly IS something to be taken very seriously and you should follow all government advice. However, please do bear in mind that it is a virus and your body is very capable of dealing with all sorts of viruses. For most people, it is not a death sentence by far and you should not worry.

The scenes of people buying toilet paper and supplies is somewhat over the top and irrational. This, especially in the light of the fact that manufacturers of toilet paper have LOTS of stock and they are not going to run out! As human beings, we need to be rational and considerate to each other. Older people, disabled people and those vulnerable are now not able to get their shopping online, access supermarkets and buy essentials because panic-stricken individuals are being selfish.

The world has seen problems for thousands of years and this is another challenge that we will all overcome. Try not to read inflammatory newspapers and take it easy. As they say: “this too shall pass”. If you are healthy and showing no signs of COVID-19, you can still go out for a walk in a park and enjoy the fact that you are alive and on this earth.

Soon this will be over and life will be back to normal for the majority. But please in the meantime, be considerate to others, especially the elderly, disabled or those in need. Kindness and consideration seems to be in short supply right now. You can make a difference.

All the best. Don’t worry, don’t panic. Stop listening to the news every minute. Enjoy life.

Parham Donyai
Founder/ CEO
LA Muscle Group



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