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The girl who went from Push-Ups to Presenting!

The rise and rise of Caroline Pearce


Caroline Pearce

Years ago I was in Harrods on the fifth floor when they had their sports department there and in the corridor I noticed a woman with an incredible body doing what seemed like an indefinite amount of push-ups!!! I hadn’t seen anyone so fit and strong and started talking to her.

She was a Heptathlete and was in Harrods working for Powerplate. We chatted and exchanged details and kept in touch. Her name was Caroline Pearce. She became an LA Muscle Sponsored Athlete and we did some promotions and photoshoots with her.

Caroline was a very determined lady and had set her sights on transforming her sporting days into something more. We became good friends and when I started the Active Channel some years later, she became a presenter on some of the shows.

Her passion was to do her own shows and as much as we could, we gave her airtime to do her thing! Then….. disaster!

One day, someone told me that Caroline was on another fitness channel, called Fitness TV. I would like to call them a rival but since their viewing figures were 1/100th of The Active Channel and they had already gone bankrupt once, I didn’t even consider them as anything worthy of my attention.

The problem with me is that I am very black and white. I either love you or hate you. I am very loyal and expect the same from others. I am not a very diplomatic person and can’t do this “being nice” whilst I am upset with you!

Caroline Pearce

Caroline upset me because after all our friendship, sponsorship and giving her the opportunity to have her own show, she went and did something for a competitor of mine which was clearly not going anywhere and if I was to be honest, wasn’t good for her brand because of the low production values.

Unsurprisingly, we fell out! Mostly because I can’t stand disloyalty even if it is people trying to better themselves - which I understand and respect. I tended to take things more personally back in those days.

Needless to say, Fitness TV went under again and this time for the last time!

Caroline went on to pursue her own dreams and eventually made it as a presenter and author. Someone like her with good sporting background and discipline will always make it if they apply that discipline to their ambitions. I am glad for her and was recently very happy that we were back in touch and on speaking terms again! I am also very happy to see her growing her career, making a name for herself and travelling the world.

If you have set goals and you are willing to put in the time and discipline, you will always reach your goals. Never let anyone put you off your goals and do what YOU feel is right. Don’t be put off by others. I was upset that Caroline went to a rival channel because I was seeing it from my own perspective but if you can learn empathy, you will see that she was trying to do the best for her in the best way she knew how.

Always respect people for their own choices even of you don’t approve of them. Everyone is trying to do their best in life.

Caroline is a great role model and someone that has shown you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Check here out here.

Yours in Training

Parham Donyai
Founder, LA Muscle



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