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10 unhealthiest places on earth

..and why

By LA Muscle on 05.04.2024 08:17 pm


10 unhealthiest places on earth

1. Chernobyl, Ukraine

  • Average Life Expectancy: Significantly varied due to radiation exposure effects.
  • Diet: Contamination has affected food and water sources, limiting safe dietary options.
  • Why Unhealthy: The 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explosion released radioactive particles, leading to acute and long-term health issues, including cancers and genetic mutations.

2. Kabwe, Zambia

  • Average Life Expectancy: Approximately 40-50 years.
  • Diet: Limited by contamination; reliance on locally grown foods which may be contaminated by lead and other metals.
  • Why Unhealthy: Kabwe has extreme levels of lead contamination due to decades of unregulated mining activities, leading to widespread health issues among its residents.

3. Dzerzhinsk, Russia

  • Average Life Expectancy: Mid-40s to early 50s for many residents.
  • Diet: Not specifically outlined, but environmental pollution affects food and water safety.
  • Why Unhealthy: Once a center for Soviet chemical manufacturing, Dzerzhinsk has been left with severe chemical pollution, significantly impacting the health of its population.

4. Somalia

  • Average Life Expectancy: Around 55 years.
  • Diet: Primarily based on cereals, legumes, and milk; however, famine and drought affect food availability and quality.
  • Why Unhealthy: Ongoing conflict, drought, and famine conditions have created a humanitarian crisis, severely impacting health through malnutrition and lack of medical services.

5. Hazard, Kentucky, USA

  • Average Life Expectancy: Approximately 70 years, lower than the national average.
  • Diet: High in processed foods and low in fruits and vegetables.
  • Why Unhealthy: High rates of obesity, diabetes, and drug addiction, partly due to socioeconomic factors, lifestyle choices, and limited access to healthcare.

6. Linfen, China

  • Average Life Expectancy: Lower than the national average, specific figures vary.
  • Diet: Traditional Chinese diet, but air and water pollution affect food quality.
  • Why Unhealthy: Once considered one of the most polluted cities globally due to coal mining and burning, leading to severe air pollution and associated respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

7. Bhopal, India

  • Average Life Expectancy: Varies widely; many affected by the 1984 gas leak disaster suffer chronic health issues.
  • Diet: Varied Indian diet, with pollution impacting water and food quality.
  • Why Unhealthy: The site of the 1984 industrial disaster, where a gas leak exposed over half a million people to toxic substances, causing immediate deaths and long-term health problems for generations.

8. Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  • Average Life Expectancy: Lower than Nigeria's average of around 54 years.
  • Diet: Local diets affected by oil pollution.
  • Why Unhealthy: Oil extraction and spills have severely polluted air and water, leading to health issues such as respiratory problems and cancer risks.

9. Peshawar, Pakistan

  • Average Life Expectancy: Approximately 65 years, but varies by region.
  • Diet: Predominantly based on wheat, dairy, and meat, with pollution impacting food safety.
  • Why Unhealthy: High levels of air pollution, inadequate water supply, and sanitation services contribute to respiratory illnesses and waterborne diseases.

10. La Oroya, Peru

  • Average Life Expectancy: Reduced by several years compared to national averages.
  • Diet: Local diets may be affected by heavy metal contamination from smelting activities.
  • Why Unhealthy: Known for lead, copper, and zinc smelting, La Oroya has high levels of air and water pollution, leading to widespread health issues, including respiratory diseases and lead poisoning.

These locations highlight the complex interplay between environmental factors, socioeconomic status, access to healthcare, and lifestyle choices in determining health outcomes. Efforts to improve conditions in these areas often involve addressing pollution, improving healthcare access, and enhancing local infrastructure to support healthier lifestyles.



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