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Protein: The Facts

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How protein can help with your goals

Your muscles are made up of 30% protein and 70% water. Muscles need protein in order to grow, recover and work well.

When you train with weights, you need to take in sufficient amounts of protein to get the best results.

You should ideally include protein in every meal, especially if you are training hard and heavy.

The best protein sources are: lean meats, fish, dairy, eggs and some vegetarian sources.

When you train with weights, your muscles get broken down and need to be rebuilt again. It is protein and protein alone that rebuilds them. If you don’t take in enough protein and you have been training hard, then not only will you not build muscles, you may also start losing muscles too.

To build the best body, you must eat around 1.5g of protein per lb of bodyweight daily. For example, if you weight 150 lbs, you should eat 225g of protein, spaced out throughout the day (150 x 1.5).

Protein: The FActs

Not all proteins are the same. Protein from meat, fish and eggs is generally better than vegetarian sources.

If you are serious about your training and you don’t want to be wasting your time in the gym, then you must take a high grade protein supplement. Most “foods” don’t have a full amino acid profile [amino acids are the building blocks of protein and ultimately, muscles].

A high quality whey protein supplement contains all amino acids required for optimal muscle growth. When you take a high quality protein supplement alongside your training, you ensure that you recover quicker, you rebuild muscles faster, you are less tired and you pump muscles full of protein - bearing in mind that 30% of muscles are made of protein.

Some high-end proteins can do even more. They can pump more protein into your muscles (than cheaper ones), they have more amino acids at higher rates (up to 19), they have more protein per serving and they can double results in less time due to the way they have been made.

LA Whey Gold is just this type of premium protein.

Protein truths: Glutamine & BCAAs and how they can help you

Protein is essential for athletes and bodybuilders who do exercises which involve the use and/or breaking down of muscle tissue. The typical exercises are body-building, weight training, sprints, martial arts, boxing, cycling and most other forms of physical activity. Some so-called "experts" argue that protein supplementation is unnecessary and that we obtain sufficient amounts of protein through our normal diet. This may well be the case for the athlete who consumes vast amounts of meat and dairy products and does not exercise regularly.

However, this scenario is too often not the case and if you are not supplementing your exercise program with a high quality whey protein powder, you're losing out. Many protein foods do not have a complete spectrum of amino acids, especially the Essential Amino Acids and Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) in them. Therefore unless you've got a degree in nutrition, you're probably not going to get it anywhere near 100% correct! This is where whey proteins come in. They take the guesswork out and ensure that you've got high amounts of all amino acids in your system. More importantly, a quality source of whey protein such as LA Muscle’s LA Whey, will give you high amounts of glutamine and BCAAs. These are the amino acids which are most abundant in your muscles. If they get used up and not replaced fast enough, then you can kiss adding size to your muscles goodbye.

Look at an example from LA Muscle’s R&D on LA Whey.

Two weight trainers supplement with whey protein. One with LA Whey and the other with a cheaper brand. After a period of 3 weeks, the one taking LA Whey ends up with a more muscular body (highest Biological Value protein, BCAAs & Glutamine), a much leaner body (lowest fat and low sodium v high potassium), better overall health and energy levels (no lactose and high immune-boosting factions) and more strength (better recovery in between workouts).

The above results are typical when comparing LA Whey Gold with other protein supplements. LA Whey’s advanced formula has been producing superior results for athletes from all over the world since 1998.

LA Whey 100% pure whey protein by LA Muscle

  • Massive 48g protein per serving, more than other brands and full of Glutamine & BCAAs
  • Highest Biological Value of 159+, meaning more protein gets deposited in your muscles than rivals
  • High Potassium-Sodium ratio, meaning water is expelled, giving you a harder, more defined body
  • Lactose-free, so you don’t get any bloating, wind/gas, allergies or bad breath which come with cheaper proteins
  • Absolutely no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or additives
  • Instant mixing even with water and delicious flavours
  • 100% pure whey with no other cheaper proteins mixed in


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