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Muscle Building Basics

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Build Muscle

Do weight training to stimulate muscle growth

To build muscle, you must first follow an affective training routine. Whether you train at home or in a gym, a simple regime, focusing on major exercises and ensuring you don’t over-train is best. Follow a plan like the one below:

  • Monday: Chest, Triceps. Shoulders
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Back, Biceps
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday/Saturday: Legs, calves
  • Sunday: Rest
More is not necessarily better. You need to be smart and try and not train each body part more than once every 5-7 days, that's why a split routine like above works best.

Use muscle building supplements

Certain hormones like male hormone are responsible for building muscles. Not everyone has an abundance of male hormone. You can trigger your body to release more muscle building hormones by using a natural male hormone booster like the best-selling Norateen Heavyweight II. This easy to take and convenient supplement has been voted number 1 by Men’s Health Magazine and works for beginners and advanced trainers.

Stop muscle wastage

“Catabolism” is a process where if you are not careful, your body will break your muscles down and use it for energy. This stops further muscle growth. In basic terms, your body can eat its own muscles. You can stop this by taking the Patented CLA Sculpt.

Take Creatine

Creatine is one of the most effective, fast acting and guaranteed muscle builders on the market. It boosts muscle size, energy and strength for everyone taking it. If you are new, you can start with the best selling Nuclear Creatine. This amazing supplement has been rated as 300% better than other Creatines. It’s easy to take, you just mix with water, and it tastes absolutely delicious.



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