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Big Chest

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How to build an impressive Chest: The secrets

There are few things as impressive as a strong, powerful chest (pecs). Genetics do play a big part in chest development. However even if you have bad genetics, the following will help you build an impressive chest in record time.


Always do the maximum weight you can handle in good form with a full range of motion i.e. full contraction and full stretch.

Do the following no more than once every 5-7 days:

Big Chest: Secrets

Bench Press: 3 x 8 reps

Inclined Bench Press: 3 x 8 reps

Declined Bench Press: 3 x 8 reps

Dips 3 x 8 sets - if you can do more, then add enough weight so you can’t go over 8 reps

Military Overhead Press 3 x 8 reps

Cable Crossover 3 x 8 reps

Chest development is also very much dependent on posing and stretching as well as posture.


Take a look at some classic bodybuilding chest poses and replicate them in the mirror. Make sure you hold the poses for a few seconds and contract your muscles fully. Do this after every set and every workout. Do it 2 more times in the week.


Stretching your chest muscles can help with their development. Make sure you stretch your chest muscles in between sets and ensure each rep goes to a full stretch (without injuring yourself).


Posture is as much as 30% of how your chest appears! Always sit and stand erect, giving your chest out. Over time, you will have better chest development and people will perceive you to have a more aesthetic physique. Many people have a weak back (that they may not even be aware of) and due to this, they stand slightly hunched. If you think this is you, then see a Reflexologist or Chiropractor/Osteopath to fix your back.

How you hod your spine and making a conscious effort to stand erect with your chest out will over time help your looks.

Common mistakes to avoid if you want the ultimate set of pecs!

  • Build a world class chest like Koosha ToofanOver training - Most people train the chest too many times a week. Aim to train once a week or do the push-ups below if you are away/not near a gym.
  • Not eating enough protein or carbohydrates - If you break the pectoral (chest) muscles down, you must eat protein to repair & rebuild them.
  • Not increasing the weight - You must increase the weights you are lifting every week (even if by half a kilo) to get your chest bigger - never do the same weight week in week out.
  • Pay attention - If something is working, stick to it. If something is not, give it 2-4 weeks and then change.

Supplements & diet

Keep at it

Chest is one of those muscle groups that can get deflated if you lay off it for a while. This is why it is important to always keep the pressure on - without over training.

Your normal routine should incorporate chest training once a week. If you are going away, on holiday or you don’t have time to train chest, then you must keep the pump by doing the following:

Keep the pump

Do: 30 (or as many as you can do) push ups with hands close together x 3 sets

30 push ups (with your feet elevated about 1/2 metre on a bench/ chair) x 3 sets

30 x push ups with hands as far apart as possible x 3 sets

Do the above twice a week.

Supplements regime for a big chest

You need to ensure you build strength with Norateen Heavyweight II to push more weight. You need to ensure your chest recovers fully from training and rebuilds fast with LA Whey Gold. You also need to ensure maximum blood and oxygen pumps in the gym with Vasculator. A superb supplement for filling out the chest and giving you more muscle size in your pectoral region is Nuclear Creatine.

Daily Supplements intake for a strong Chest:

Upon waking up: 1 x LA Whey Gold protein shake

Push ups for chest development when on holiday

Morning: 2 x Norateen Heavyweight II capsules

1 x scoop Nuclear Creatine with lots of water

Afternoon: 2 x Norateen Heavyweight II capsules

Evening: 2 x Norateen Heavyweight II capsules

1 x Nuclear Creatine with lots of water

Before sleep: 1 x LA Whey Gold protein shake

Before workouts:

2-4 capsules of Vasculator 30 mins before workouts

1 x Nuclear Creatine scoop with water, 15 mins before workouts

1 x LA Whey Gold protein shake immediately after your workout


Protein foods are very important for recovery & rebuild of your chest muscles. Eat lots of lean meats, fish & eggs. Drink LA Whey Gold protein when you need extra protein. Drink lots of water and eat a high carbohydrate diet to fill the chest up with glycogen. Make sure you get 8 hours sleep every night. Don’t get stressed. Learn to relax. Set the goal - achieve.



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