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Mr Universe Tells All To LA Muscle

Neale Cranwell's Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed

By LA Muscle on 14.06.2017 03:41 pm


LA Muscle has teamed up with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell for an exclusive Q&A with the man himself. Delve into the bodybuilding career of Neale and find out how he has become so successful in the world of bodybuilding......

Questions and Answer's with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

LA Muscle: How long have you now been a competitive bodybuilder?
Neale: Over 20 years competing

LA Muscle: How many titles have you won?
Neale: Over 60 titles

LA Muscle: What has been your greatest achievement?

  • Mr Universe 2009 , 2016
  • World Champion 2010
  • European champion 2012
  • British champion 2016

LA Muscle: How long do you have left in you?
Neale: 10 years is the end goal, to compete at over 50, I am currently 41.

LA Muscle: What's your favourite exercise?
Neale: Squats

LA Muscle: What's your best body part?
Neale: Legs

LA Muscle: What's your weakest body part?
Neale: Back needs more density

LA Muscle: What's your off-season weight?
Neale: 18 1/2 stone

LA Muscle: How much do you weigh on-season?
Neale: 16 1/2 stone

LA Muscle: How many times a week do you train?
Neale: 5-6 with weights, cardio everyday

LA Muscle: How many meals and grams of protein do you have a day?
Neale: 7 Meals, 40g protein per meal (give or take)

LA Muscle: What's the toughest thing about comp prepping?
Neale: Missing my social life and not be able to have as much fun due to low calories and lack of time due to training 3 x day

LA Muscle: Who is your favourite bodybuilder?
Neale: Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman cant split the two

LA Muscle: What supplements do you use on a lead up to a show?

Amino acids through training and on waking

  • LA Muscle Vasculator for pumps
  • LA Whey Gold protein for recovery and growth
  • Sculpt for protecting and preserving lean muscle tissue whilst dieting
  • Norateen Heavyweight II for the much needed strength as I am on low carbs
  • Carb powder intra training
  • Multi vit and mineral and Omega 3 twice a day
  • Vit C 3g a day

LA Muscle: How much water do you drink on a normal day?
Neale: 4-5 litres

LA Muscle: How much water do you drink on a last week of a show?
Neale:10 litres

LA Muscle: What's the first thing you eat after a show?
Neale: My typical routine post contest is find pizza express, order 2 beers, 2 large pizzas and 2 cheesecakes. NOM NOM

LA Muscle: What's your favourite food?
Neale: Italian or Thai

LA Muscle: What's your favourite 'cheat' meal?
Neale: A very good double burger and fries with cheesecake

LA Muscle: What's the most annoying thing you see at the gym?
Neale: Bad form by lifting too much weight, ego training

LA Muscle: What's your favourite film?
Neale: Gladiator or The Usual suspects

LA Muscle: What's your favourite TV programme?
Neale: I don't actually watch TV as I am always working at Krunch gym but if I get time, Celebrity juice . Keith Lemon just makes me laugh.

LA Muscle: What advice would you give anyone who wants to take up bodybuilding?
Neale: Go to an advanced coach in your first few months and stop wasting time, effort and money "trying things out".... save yourself years of frustration and get the knowledge from someone that has been there and done it and inspires you to achieve your best and fastest results.

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Q&A with Mr Universe Neale Cranwell



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