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Meet International Bodybuilding Champion Eslam Kanawati

Fitness secrets exposed!!

By LA Muscle on 11.09.2017 03:32 pm


LA Muscle have teamed up with International Bodybuilder Eslam Kanawati for an exclusive Q&A with the man himself. Delve into the bodybuilding career of Eslam and find out how he has become so successful in the world of bodybuilding.....

What age did you start bodybuilding?

What made you get into lifting weights?
I was a soccer player. And I had to improve my legs and from there everything started

How many bodybuilding titles have you won?

What's your occupation?
I am a gym owner as well as a personal trainer.

How long have you been a gym owner?
4 years

What's the hardest thing about being a gym owner?
The hardest thing being gym owner is to find the time to train myself because I am constantly helping clients train rather then myself, as I am in high demand from them.

What has been your greatest achievement in the sport?
2nd place in men physique competition in IFBB Italy

What's your favourite body part to train?

What's your most dreaded body part to train?

How much do you weigh off season mode?

How much do you weigh on-season?

How many carbs and protein do you have off season?
Starting on 300g of carbs a day and add more 50g every 10 days. My protein is between 200-220g a day

How many times a week do you train?
4 days a week, on season

How many carbs and protein do you have on season?
Carbs starting on 250g a day and take off 50g every week. My protein is around 220-240g each day

What's the toughest thing about comp prepping?
If you have a strong mind, I believe nothing is hard.

Who is your favourite bodybuilder?
Sergi Constans

What supplements do you use on a lead up to a show?
LA Whey protien, 311 BCAAs, glutamine, multi-vitamins, LA Muscle probiotic, Explosive Creatine, magnisium and methalonin

How much water do you drink on a normal day?
5-6 L

How much water do you drink on a last week of a show?
Last week its like normal days but last two days I start to cut water 3 days before the show. The day before the show, no water.

What's the first thing you eat after a show?
Waffles with lots of maple

What's your favourite food?
Homos, which is an Arabic dish.

What do you like doing outside of bodybuilding?
Travailing and watching football

What's your favourite film?

Who has inspired you to become a bodybuilder?
Sergi Constans

What advice would you give anyone who wants to take up bodybuilding?

Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit. Do not compare yourself with others just focus on yourself and your goals. You are your own competition.

International Bodybuilding Champion Eslam Kanawati

International Bodybuilding Champion Eslam Kanawati

International Bodybuilding Champion Eslam Kanawati



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