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Shocking arms of man known as the MONSTER

Check out what he has done to himself!

By LA Muscle on 23.04.2016 09:57 am


Bodybuilder (loose term!) Romario Dos Santos Alves wanted muscles fast and he just didn't want to wait years to build them with hard work in the gym and in the right way.... oh oh it already sounds like trouble on the horizon...

Romario injected a mixture of substances that have affected his body in ways he never imagined and brought him to the brink of death. Among other things, the mixture contained Synthol, one of the most controversial bodybuilding substances containing oil, alcohol and local anaesthetic. The results came quickly, and his muscles were swollen beyond measure. But this "swollen" look is not considered as muscles by many (MANY! Almost everyone!).

Romario says: "Doctors have told me they may have to amputate my arms! Children in the street laugh at me and call me monster."

His girlfriend is the only one that finally got through to him, helping him overcome his addiction to Synthol. She told him that if he didn't stop, she would leave him - something that made him depressed and prompted him to act.

Romario who is from Brazil finally overcame his addiction to Synthol. He says Brazil as a country does have a greater number of people obsessed with body image and the pressures for someone to look big and muscular are immense.

If you are one of these people, remember that short-cuts are not the way if you want to stay healthy and have long-lasting good-looking muscles. You need to train regularly in the gym, have a good diet and use the right supplements to achieve the look you want. It takes a little bit longer but the results will be worth the wait.

Romario Santos Alves before and after
Synthol bodybuilder



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