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The Bodybuilders Cheesecake

Recipe by Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

By LA Muscle on 06.07.2017 02:27 pm


Checkout this mouth-watering and healthy vanilla cheesecake recipe provided to LA Muscle exclusive by Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

This divine cheesecake is low in calories and packed with protein. "It's no bake and no stress. Take 10 min prep time and chills in freezer for 46-60 mins then ready to eat" ...

"Tastes awesome and something I use religiously while dieting to combat cravings"


1. To make crust.Mix 2 TBs powdered peanut butter (70% less fat) , with 2 tbs low carb oat flour , 1/4 cup sugar free pancake or caramel syrup and 300-500 ml water to cheat a dough

2. Push dough tightly into a rubber cake / flan tin To make cheesecake filling

3. Then mix 4 scoops LA Whey protein powder in vanilla or and 500ml of quark fat free soft cheese.

4. Add 1/2 cup stevia or Splenda to taste and crush up 6 sugar free worthers originals butterscotch boiled sweets

5. Mix thoroughly, adding 300-500ml water as you go to form a thick paste .

6. Spoon the cheesecake paste into the pre made crust & place in freezer for 40 mins approx depending on freezer power. Once hard get out freezer and leave to stand to slightly deforest 10-15 mins then cut and enjoy guilt free, sugar free, fat free and very low carb cheesecake

Mr Universe Neale Cranwell

Mr Universe Neale Cranwell



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