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Muscle model reveals strategy for mass building

Alistair Richardson's exclusive muscle building diet....

By LA Muscle on 17.08.2017 03:42 pm


Bodybuilder, Nutritionist and Muscle Model competitor Alistair Richardson competes by a way of hobby. He has been bodybuilding from the early age of 15 when he first started playing American Football. Ali trains 6 days a week in his hectic daily schedule, setting time to train and manage his diet alongside his work.

Ali often gets asked what he eats in order to stay looking the way he does wh. Well, he has agreed to reveal his eating habits that have not only kept him lean but also enabled him to increase muscle size 100% exclusive to LA Muscle.

However, before getting down to the details, Alistair would like to encourage the thought that every single person is different in their make up including their nutritional requirements therefore although this diet has treated him very well, it may also not be the right one for you.

He has also included the amounts that he eats to make up the calories required in the day for his output. This again will be different for different people. Not everyone is his shape and size and so naturally, the food and drink you would need to ingest would be different.

Alistair is also lactose and gluten intolerant which makes every difference to his digestion and bloating. So he eliminates this by choosing to use LA Muscle’s ‘NORATEEN’ Protein powder and quotes

"Not only is it the best on the market for its quality and taste but its make up is incredible as its hypo-allergenic protein is triple filtered to eliminate lactose and contains a high potassium to low sodium ratio which fits nicely into my diet as it allows me not to retain water in the skin, keeping it in the muscle where it is required for training"

So here it is in all its glory… Alistair's weekly nutrition:

Low carb/High Protein Days: (6 days per week – (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday//Thursday/Friday/Sunday)

Daily water intake 2-4 litres

Daily Vitamins/Minerals: Vitamin C 1000mg, B Vitamin Complex, Omega 3 1000mg, Vitamin D 10mg, Digestive Enzymes (daily recommended dosage), magnesium 400mg

7.15am: Black tea/green tea, Blueberries x 60g and 30g of almond nut butter with 40g oatmeal made with water or milk

9.30am: 2 x whole eggs or 80g of smoked salmon, with 50g of kale/spinach or broccoli topped with oil based dressing X 10ml Green Tea or skinny Americano coffee

11.30am: 30g of nut butter or hand full of almonds OR protein shake (Norateen Protein by LA Muscle)

1.30/2pm: 120g of Chicken/Turkey/white fish (30-35g protein) with 30g carbs (100g sweet potato/50g brown rice or quinoa)

4.30/5pm: 120g of chicken/turkey/white fish (30-35g protein), salad (options: spinach/rocket/watercress/kale, half a pepper, 30g asparagus, 3 cherry tomatoes or 1 tomato 20g cucumber, 20g red onion, 20g sugar snap peas/mangetout, carrot x2, radish x 4, olives, x 5, pomegranate pieces 1⁄4 fruit coriander, celery x 2, parsley, mint, fennel) and half avocado OR Norateen Protein shake with 250ml water or milk

7pm Post workout: Vitamin C X 1000mg (Alistair likes to use this after a workout or exercise otherwise, take it with second meal) Pink Grapefruit, 1 X half (only consumed post-workout), herbal tea and LA Muscle Repo

8.30/9pm: 120g of chicken/turkey/steak/white fish (30-35g protein) and large vegetable stir-fry.

9.30pm: Herbal tea. Magnesium 400g, Zinc 50mg

Alistair will have a high carb day every Saturday and adds an extra 150g of carbs allocated across the day by adding the following carb sources:

Daily water intake 2-4 litres

7.15am meal: He adds an extra 30g berries to the oatmeal.

9.30am meal: Adds 30g carbs (100g cooked sweet potato/50g cooked brown basmati rice/grain of choice). 8

8.30pm Meal: Adds an additional 30g carbs (150g cooked sweet potato/40g cooked brown basmati rice or quinoa) & 20 g dark chocolate (70% or higher) – his favourite bit!

A message from Alistair below

"I hope you find this effective and useful although I should add that you should always seek professional advise when it comes to diet and indeed exercise as it is important to understand the needs of your body before you impact on to it something that actually may create more harm than good. In that way, make sure you recognise what it is you need to do to achieve your own personal goals and not just follow a ‘fad’ diet or random exercise routine without knowing first how your body works. That way you will not only achieve your goals more effectively but also more efficiently".

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson

Muscle Model Alistair Richardson



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