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How Much Protein Do You Need?

Right Amount Of Protein Consumption

By LA Muscle on 25.10.2021 11:22 am


It is safe to say that every living human needs protein. But protein needs are different for different people. For instance, bodybuilders need protein to build muscle mass, and athletes need it for recovery. Most diets have protein in them. But the question that many people trying to build muscle mass ask is, how much protein do you need?

Protein is an essential nutrient that plays a role in the development of different areas of the body, including muscles, bones, hair, organs, and skin. One of the most prominent roles of protein is helping the body to repair damaged tissues and cells. It also plays a role in the central nervous system, immune response, and production of hormones and enzymes.

Protein is broken down into amino acids responsible for muscle building and transporting nutrients across the body. High-protein foods supply your body with nine amino acids that the body cannot synthesize. They include leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, histidine, lysine, methionine, threonine, valine, and tryptophan.

Foods such as fish, meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs are sources of high-quality protein. Plants also offer a rich source of protein with added vitamins and nutrients.

Studies reveal that the general protein requirement regardless of age is 0.8 g per kg of body weight. If you can determine your weight in kilograms, it should be easy to know how much protein you need. But your protein requirement will be different if you are trying to lose weight or build muscle mass.

Weight Loss

Eating a protein-rich diet has proven to be effective for weight loss by reducing your appetite. Although the protein requirement for weight loss varies, the average recommended comes to about 120 g pr day. One serving of LA Muscle’s LA Whey Gold contains 50 g of protein, so two to three scoops should be adequate for fast results. Since protein increases satiety, consider having one or two scoops as a breakfast shake or in-between meals.

Muscle Gain

Muscle gainers and bodybuilders benefit immensely from protein. Numerous researches have found that protein helps to build muscle mass when combined with strength training. When you go to the gym, your muscle tissues will have small tears here and there through resistance training. These torn muscles need protein to be repaired, and they will also increase in mass by absorbing the extra protein.

To build lean muscles, you would need to consume 1.2 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Keep in mind that consuming a lot of protein without putting in the work in the gym will not give you any results. You must remain focused and dedicated and let the protein do its job while you work your muscles.

Your daily protein needs depend on your goals in terms of weight loss, building muscles, or improving athletic performance. Before you begin your journey to losing weight or building muscle mass, consider your diet before combining it with protein supplements. Many foods already contain a generous amount of protein, and they must be factored in as well when planning your workout diet.

Protein Use Guide


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