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The real truth about Testosterone boosters

How they can make or break your gains in the gym


The word Testosterone does one of two things. It will either a) excite you with all the possibilities of new-found strength, muscle and definition or b) it will scare the hell out of you and make you think of unnatural steroids and extra bits growing out of your sides!

Whichever one you think of when you hear the T word, chances are you are right! You see, Testosterone can be a little bit dangerous if taken in the form of steroids. Testosterone can also be amazing; a lot like the pill in the movie "Limitless"!

Testosterone can give you so many benefits including confidence, power, energy, muscle mass and lean definition. Testosterone is the master hormone in your body which is essential for proper growth when you are younger. It is also the “youth” hormone when you are older.

Real Truth Behind Testosterone Boosters

Much like the Limitless pill in the movie, when Testosterone is introduced back into your body when you are over 20 years of age, it will super-charge you and give you all the benefits you got from it when you were younger. A proper Testosterone booster will increase your levels of confidence (that’s why confident men have higher Testosterone levels), it will increase your drive and energy, it will make your muscles stronger, bigger and it will also lean you out by burning more fat. Amazing, right?

You see, steroids introduce synthetic outside Testosterone to your body and confuse your body. Sure, they increase muscle and strength but your own body starts shutting down and that’s why you need to keep taking them and because you end up over-supplying your body, you may well get side effects.

Compare steroids to a natural Testosterone booster that works “with” your body. A natural Testosterone booster will tell your Testes (balls) and Pituitary gland (in the brain) to increase your own body’s natural Testosterone levels. This way, it is your own body doing the work and your body monitors the progress and you don’t end up getting any side effects. You just get the good stuff! Without the Testosterone booster, your body will not increase Testosterone levels. This is worth repeating: Without the Testosterone Booster, you will not have increased levels of Testosterone. i.e. you will not get dramatically stronger, leaner or bigger.

So, will you agree that a natural Testosterone Booster can dramatically change your physique and the way you feel and how driven you are? The main issue now is, how to get hold of a decent one.

The bad news is that many companies purport to offer you natural Testosterone boosters from as little as £20! The body is not stupid. The body is a huge pharmaceutical factory that can manufacture pretty much any drug within itself. This is why you can get rid of diseases if given the right triggers. Hence why you can produce tons of Testosterone if given the right triggers. A £20 non-pharmaceutical grade non-tested supplement is very unlikely to do much for your T-levels.

Truth about Testo boosters

LA Muscle has been a leader in the development of powerful natural Testosterone boosters since 1997. LA Muscle’s T-boosters have been helping millions of people develop incredible muscle & strength over the years. They are not the cheapest on the market. Developing an innovative and respected supplement takes money in terms of Research and Development and ingredients.

LA Muscle’s Norateen range is well recognised around the world as THE name to go to when it comes to effective, safe and guaranteed results. The ingredients are rare, expensive, high grade Pharmaceutical and scientifically developed to be in sync and synergy with each other. They worth “with” your body to produce incredible results, often increasing strength within 1 day!

Norateen Heavyweight II has been a best-seller around the world since 1998. This incredible supplement has been heavily featured on TV and praised by media such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines, winning several awards including Best Muscle Builder 5 years in a row.

LA Muscle’s Norateen range are the most recommended muscle building pills by celebrity personal trainers. Many of the rich and famous who do not want to resort to dangerous steroids but want to get an amazing body quickly, take one of the LA Muscle’s Norateen supplements.

Try Norateen for yourself today and see just how powerful a “real deal” Testosterone booster can be. All Norateen supplements come with LA Muscle’s 100% no questions money-back guarantee. This means if you don’t like the results at any stage, even if you have finished the whole course, you get all of your money back with no hassles. You have nothing to lose. It’s time to start experiencing the power of boosting Testosterone. You can start with Norateen Heavyweight II.



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