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LA Muscle sponsored EFBB 2003 Finals

Check out the report and full photos from one of this year's biggest events. Exclusively on and brought to you even before some of the competitors have got back home!

By on 18.01.2009 11:23 am


Once again within hours of the event, LA Muscle brings you exclusive coverage of one of the biggest shows in the yearly body building calendar. The 2003 EFBB Finals, sponsored by LA Muscle was held on 19th October 2003 in Nottingham and we were there to catch all the action for you.

This show saw for the first time a life-time natural bodybuilder win his class at the EFBB! Rob Feesey was the man and he was in outstanding condition. The Juniors went to a very impressive James Lewis with John Jones 2nd. 1st times was also a very impressive class, with Richard Mackreath winning, Guy Day 2nd and Mark Cameron placing 3rd. Rashid won the Under 80 kgs, Sean Watson 2nd and Paul Jones 3rd. Our very own Marina Cornwall placed 3rd (congratulations) and the Middleweights was won by Becky Garrigan.

Men's Heavyweights and the overalls went to Karl Tierney. The standard at this competition was indeed very high and no competitor looked like they didn't belong on an EFBB stage. Well done to all.

The first EFBB Qualifier for 2004 is the Stars of Tomorrow on 30th November 2003.

Full list:
Juniors: James Lewis
1st Timers: Rich Mackreath
Seniors: Paul George
Body Fitness: Gemma Williams
Intermediates up to 80kg: Rashid Quotteneih
Fitness: Inga Neverauskalte
Intermediates over 80kgs: Bola Ojex
Men up to 70kgs: Rob Feesey
Women up to 52kgs: Lynn Gray
Women up to 57kgs: Becky Garrigan
Men up to 80kgs: Jason Wicker
Men up to 90 kgs: Ejike Nneke
Women over 57kgs: Sarah Bridges
Men over 90kgs: Karl Tierney
Overall Men's British Champion: Karl Tierney
Overall British Women's Champion: Becky Garrigan


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