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LA Muscle® Your Protein™

Scientific References for the newest and best value quality protein in the UK

A blend of whey/soy as a sports recovery mix has been shown to restore tissue to its pre-exercise state, reducing muscle glycogen breakdown and acting to stop or prevent the catabolic effects of strenuous exercise (Bordi et al, 2007). That blend is under a US patent so after an extensive review of the scientific evidence, LA Muscle scientists designed a unique formulation of whey and soy protein isolate specifically for LA Muscle® now available and marketed as "Your Protein"™.

LA Muscle® scientists recognize the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) as one of the most accepted and widely used method for the measurement of protein value in human nutrition (Schaafsma, 2000) since it was first introduced by the Food & Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization (FAO/WHO). PDCAAS is also adopted by the FDA. This recognition is alongside the traditional Biological Value (BV) of protein, also accepted by LA Muscle as a way of measuring protein values. This table below provides a measure of the quantity of various proteins using the PDCAAS rating scale.

Protein type




Black Beans








Soy protein


Wheat gluten


Whey protein


Adapted from Hoffman and Falvo (2004)

Both soy protein and whey protein score maximally on the accepted PDCAAS scale for protein measurement. Accordingly, both proteins are a great source of amino acids, and the "Your Protein" formulation combines the two. Here is the reason.
Supplementation with each of whey protein and soy protein during resistance training has been shown to increase lean tissue mass and strength compared to placebo and resistance training with statistically significant results (p< 0.05) (Candow et al, 2006). While soy and whey protein products both promote exercise training-induced lean body mass gain, the soy has the added benefit of preserving two aspects of antioxidant function in athletes (Brown et al, 2004). Soy has also been shown to decrease plasma serum values following moderate intensity, weight resistance exercise (Hill et al, 2004). This is because LA Muscle's soy protein Isolate contains a mixture of antioxidants including isoflavones, saponins, and copper, a component of a number of antioxidant enzymes (DiSilvestro, 2001).

Antioxidants help the body fight oxidant damage, which is particularly associated with exercise. Oxidant damage and fatigue could limit progress in exercise training by slowing muscle recovery between exercise workouts and this could limit lean body mass gain during an exercise program, hence the need for antioxidants. A blend of soy and whey together has been shown not only to result in leaner weight gain after training but also to prevent damage by oxidative stress (Elia et al, 2006).

Some people have the misconception that soy proteins affect the male hormones but there is scientific evidence in men that directly compares whey and soy protein, in response to resistance training, showing conclusively that soy protein does not decrease serum male hormone or inhibit lean body mass changes in subjects engaged in a resistance exercise program (Kalman et al, 2007). In fact, soy protein has been found to produce an antioxidant effect in active young adult men without lowering male hormone concentrations (DiSilvestro et al, 2006).

LA Muscle have used the most up-to-date scientific evidence to formulate the best value quality protein available on the UK market. With "Your Protein"™ LA Muscle® brings you a unique high-quality protein product with all of the right amino acids and also the unique potential to reduce oxidant stress associated with exercise, helping you stay healthy while gaining lean body mass with each workout.

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