What's so special about LA Whey Extreme anyway?

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LA Whey Extreme is a new protein supplement designed to serve the needs of those who want a protein powder supplement with a real kick and one that gives them actual results in terms of strength increase and muscle gains.

The problem these days is that many people think a protein powder will give them the body they desire and get them lean and muscular. Whilst this is true of high grade proteins such as LA Whey and Diet Whey, it is not the case with most lower grade proteins. If you really want to see a significant difference in your physique, you need capsules such as Testosterone boosters or fat loss pills.

LA Whey Extreme takes things up a notch with an incredible formula packed inside each and every tub. LA Whey Extreme contains the best-selling LA Whey Gold protein at almost 50g per serving. This is a 100% whey protein with no cheaper protein sources.

LA Whey Extreme contains ZiMA-Testo, a big boy’s ZMA at the correct dosages proven by science to boost Testosterone and at Pharma Grade (not just food grade). ZiMA-Testo will boost your Testosterone levels for up to 8 hours. If you were to take LA Whey Extreme 2-3 times a day, you would have a constant Testosterone kick throughout the day and night to ensure optimal muscle & strength development.

LA Whey Extreme also contains 5g of Pharma Grade LA Creatine, per serving which is 100% pure and contains no impurities whatsoever. This 5g of Creatine per serving really increases your strength, power, deposits more protein in your muscles and helps with overall size.

What is so special about LA Whey Extreme is that it can deposit 40% more protein in your muscles and increase your muscle mass by 30%. LA Whey Extreme is a protein that you can take with confidence and look in the mirror in as little as 3-4 days and SEE and FEEL a difference in your physique. There are too many protein powders out there not doing anything and just using up your money and making you feel good that you are taking protein! What’s the point to that? Try a protein powder that actually delivers what you are expecting. It may cost a little bit more but you are better spending a bit more on something that really delivers than buying cheap and “hoping”!

LA Whey Extreme contains absolutely no artificial additives or sweeteners and is 100% natural. LA Whey Extreme has also been extensively tested and mixes instantly and tastes delicious in strawberry silk or triple chocolate deluxe. LA Whey Extreme comes in a huge 2.2kg tub which will last you a long time. The best times to take LA Whey Extreme are within 30 minutes following your training and just before sleep.

LA Whey Extreme comes with LA Muscle’s unprecedented guarantee. Buy it, use it and if you are not happy, even if you have used all of it, you will get your money back! No other supplements company gives you this level of trust and certainty with no hassles. You lose nothing. You gain everything including size, strength and lean muscles. Remember, LA Whey Extreme contains high potassium to low sodium ratio so it gives you a six pack too. Isn’t that special? What are you waiting for? Try LA Whey Extreme now. Batches are selling fast so make sure your order now if you see "in stock" showing.

LA Whey Extreme Protein Powder



Sanctum EDT 50ml

Sanctum EDT 50ml

Beautiful fresh, sophisticated, long lasting fragrance




Very high quality hoodie for the gym or street

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High Quality, Durable and Trendy
Delicious protein to get you lean & ripped whilst keeping your muscles
Rapid action, proprietary formula
2 powerful UNREAL Testosterone boosters at a huge saving
$135.41  $199.14
Tighten skin, lose weight, get rid of stretch marks
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