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What protein is best? and when to take?

When are the best times to take protein shakes



Taking protein pre-workout is not ideal. For some people, consuming protein pre-workout interferes with their energy levels and general workouts. If you did want to take some protein before working out, the best time is around 30 minutes before and a small quantity of high absorption whey protein such as LA Whey is best.

During your workout

It is not recommended to drink protein during your workout. The best drink at this time is an isotonic drink or just plain water.


This is the crucial time to take in some good quality protein with added carbohydrates. The added carbohydrates act as a catalyst for the all crucial glucose regulation. You should aim to drink your protein shake immediately after your workout.

A good protein shake post workout is Eclipse. This all-rounder contains LA Whey, carbohydrates as well as other essential nutritional supplements which enhance your muscle growth.

Before sleep

As you sleep, you grow! It is a good idea to take a protein shake around an hour before sleep. You have a few choices here:

1. A 100% pure whey protein shake like LA Whey with water. Keeps protein intake high but doesn’t bloat or disturb you before or during sleep.

2. LA Whey mixed with milk to make it stay in your digestive tract for longer and keep working a few more hours into the night.

3. Slim Whey, which is a good quality whey protein shake with added fat burners. This protein builds muscles and gets its unique fat-burners working on your six pack as you sleep!

Upon waking up

When you wake up, and especially if you have been training hard, your body is craving protein. It is a good idea to have a protein shake as soon as you wake up. A pure whey protein shake such as LA Whey with water is ideal. It is packed full of 48g of whey protein and with water, it’s light enough not to slow you down before you have even got up!

If you are trying to bulk up, you can go one step further and have LA Whey Mass Gainer upon waking up or as your breakfast or if you want even more calories, have it with your breakfast.

Quality protein shakes




LA Whey Gold

LA Whey Gold

“Best protein shake for hard gainers” Men’s Health Awards


Norateen® II

Norateen® II

Powerful hormone-free muscle-builder, OK for IOC Athletes

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