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New study finds Testosterone reduces empathy!

A previously unknown effect of Testosterone hormone


A new Dutch study has shown that the hormone Testosterone reduces levels of empathy in people. Researchers found that when they gave Testosterone to women, it reduced their levels of empathy and changed the way the brain processed emotions.

This interesting study led by Dr Peter Bos of Utrecht University found that women who had been administered testosterone took slightly longer to identify emotions and made more mistakes in some emotional circumstances than those who hadn't taken the hormone Testosterone.

Some observers have interpreted this as Testosterone making people more “detached”. Is this a good thing?

Although not having empathy is not a good thing generally, observers have claimed that this effect of Testosterone can explain why those who take Testosterone enhancers are generally more focused, determined and not bogged down with too many things going around them. Testosterone taken for short periods can accelerate one’s growth and gym motivation. Part of this can be explained by the detachment felt when a person takes a Testosterone enhancer.

After-all, if suddenly you are not too concerned with all the things that used to pull you back, then you are bound to make a different kind of progress than before.

Whilst not being bothered with people and their troubles is not a good thing, some people are actually too empathic and don't focus on themselves. For these people, a dose of testosterone may not be such a bad thing! Then they can concentrate more on themselves and their own needs. In conclusion, if you are not too empathic to begin with, then Testosterone may not be such a good thing for you. However, if you are one of those people that are always concerned with other people's welfare, more than your own, then a Testosterone booster may well give you a little bit more independence and "me time".




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