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Takaloo is the new WBU Intercontinental boxing Champion

Takaloo has been using LA Muscle supplements to get leaner and stronger. He is now the new WBU Boxing Champion.


Takaloo, new WBU boxing champTakaloo is now the new WBU Intercontinental. He won convincingly at the London Excel Centre on Saturday by beating Turgay Uzun.

Takaloo has been taking a variety of LA Muscle supplements to get him in the best shape of his life. Here's what he had to say on LA Muscle supplements:

"This was my first ever time I have taken any supplements, so it was all new to me. I took LA Muscle supplements in preparation for my fight and definitely made a big difference. Just some the LA Muscle supplements I took were LA Whey, which I am still taking now, tastes great, light, smooth, no artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings, Cobra and Explosive Creatine.

Many people were commenting after the fight "Takaloo is definitely back, his hand speed, foot speed was all much quicker and faster" even they noticed the improvements. After my many fights in the past, my body would be in pain with many aches, muscle soreness for days. This time I would say I could have fought again the day after, as my body recovered quicker after the fight and is really down to the LA Muscle supplements I took. I also rested for a period of five days, where I did no training due to feeling poorly with a chest infection and felt just as strong for the fight. LA Muscle supplements have definitely helped me and in fact have made training much easier than before. Their advice on nutrition, preparation and supplements made a big difference for me. I look forward to working with LA Muscle more closely for all my future fights."

The man Takaloo beat was the German WBU Champion, over 25 wins.
This was his first fight in Welterweight class division, as previous fights have always been at Light-middle-weight class. So for this fight he had to come down in weight, from 11stone 5 to 10stone 7, which he achieved, with no problems and maintained all his strength and power due to the LA Muscle supplements he is taking. He won on points and never got hit once, he took no punches from his opponent.

More on Takaloo soon.



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