Supplement cures for general health problems

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Lack of erections in the morning or lack of sexual enthusiasm

If you find that you are no longer aroused in the mornings, there could be several causes. One of the likely culprits is lack of the mineral zinc. Try taking 30-50mg of zinc daily and see if your morning erections return.

Lack of muscle - poor muscle development

Adding extra amino acids to your diet can greatly aid muscle development. You can try taking the 3 Branch Chain Amino Acids such as 311 BCAAs after your workouts or go all out and take a whey protein drink such as LA Whey. Since your muscles are made up mostly of protein and water, it makes sense to take in extra protein to ensure their development.

Supplement Cures for Health Problems


Allergies are complex problems and can be caused by many things. A quick “fix for all” is vitamin C. Try taking 1-5g spaced throughout the day. Most supplements give you minute useless amounts of vitamin C such as 50mgs! You will need 1000mgs to see any real benefits. If you can tolerate it, go up to 5000 mgs daily.

Stress & anxiety

B vitamins are great stress fighters. If your diet is poor, you do too much or you have extra stress, you will need to take a vitamin B complex. B vitamins will calm you and help you deal with stress in a more effective manner. They will also energise you.

Digestive problems

Digestive problems are caused by many things, however the two greatest culprits are diet and stress. There are many different issues that can arise with the digestive process. One supplement that can help many digestive issues is Slippery Elm Bark. You can get this as a supplement in most health stores.

Low energy

If you have low energy, you can do one or all of 3 things:

  • Increase your carbohydrate intake. This is the most effective way of boosting your energy levels. Try timing it so you eat around 6 hours before you really need energy. For example, if you eat a good breakfast with carbs such as porridge, you will have energy for the afternoon. If you eat pasta for lunch, you will have energy for the evening.

  • Increase your sugar intake - Eat fruits or drink juices. This is a temporary measure but will increase energy; though it may have a down side, depending on the fruit.

  • Take caffeine - The least recommended method of increasing energy is caffeine, however it works in the short term!

Obesity and general health problems

Water is the perfect remedy for obesity and the majority of health problems. You will find that most obese people or those with poor health do not drink enough pure water. Aim for 2 litres a day.

This article is not a substitute for sound medical advice. It is not intended to be used as a cure for your problems. If you have a medical issue or uncertain, please refer to your doctor.



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