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Jana Stewart Exclusive Interview

A unique insight into the mind & lifestyle of one of the USA's top Figure ladies.


Exclusive Interview with Jana Stewart for LA Magazine.

Hi Jana, You look amazing. How long have you been training for? What got you started in the first place?
I have been training (seriously) for about 6 years. I got started after going on vacation with my friends to Cancun. My friend Marcy looked so great in her bikini that I was determined to look like that also. After reading an Oxygen magazine, I got sooo motivated that I have never looked back.

Jana StewartDo you have a day time job? We see you have an MS and a BS? Where did you study those and have they helped you in any way in your fitness life?
Yes, I have a full-time job. I'm in Pharmaceutical Sales. I received my BS & MS from Florida A&M University. Completing both programs has helped me greatly with my fitness career, especially my fitness consulting business (J Fitness). While studying at Florida A&M, we were required to take business development classes which prepared us for the real world. By the time I graduated, I felt like I had all the necessary tools to make it in the business world.

What was your most memorable competition/moment? What's been the most memorable moment in your life?
My most memorable competition was the Novice Michigan in 2004. I won the my class & the was so memorable because I trained so hard for that show and about a month before it was time to hit the stage, I was hit with a bunch of negativity that could have potentially destroyed my preparation.....but because of my strong faith in God & my love of fitness, I was able to overcome that and be victorious!!!! It was sooo exciting..My whole family was there, including my darling nephew Asad. My sister-in-law Fatimma was very vocal, everybody knew who I was!!!!

The most memorable moment in my life was a few years ago at one of my best friends weddings in Turks & Caicos. We had such a great time, it was relaxing, spiritual, and a fun time. She found true love and it was so wonderful to take part in such a glorious celebration. Thanks Mukeni & Joseph:

What's your philosophy? Do you look up to anyone?
My philosophy on life: Live life to the fullest, don't focus on the negative, when you run into an obstacle, handle it the best way possible and move on. Most importantly, surround yourself with positive people who love & support you. Have goals and don't let anyone stand in your way.....focus on your own happiness!!!!

My philosophy on fitness: Make health & fitness a way of life. Don't get too caught up on size, weight, etc. Just focus on feeling good & enjoying life!!!

What's your favourite exercises? What's your least favourite?
My favorite exercise is walking lunges - they have done wonders for my legs!!! My least favorite is plyometrics (they really work but they take my breath away:-)

What would you say is your best asset?
I've been told me best assets are my back & my smile:-)

We see you do some modelling too. If you had the choice between modelling, working full time or being a competitive fitness lady all year round, which would you choose? Why?
My dream job / career would go something like this: I would compete 4 - 5 times per year, travel the world and motivate people to exercise & eat healthy, endorse a major sports apparel line (perhaps my own), and make appearances at Health & Fitness expos.

When did you start J Fitness? What is it and how is it going?
I started J Fitness last year. It's a fitness consulting company that will provide health & nutrition support to people from all walks of life. It will also serve as a mentor program to motivate young girls to start living a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Where do you live? Where would you like to live and why?
Currently I live in Michigan (USA). I'm planning on moving to Las Vegas within the next few months. One day, I'd love to live in Italy. I LOVE Italy, the people there are so warm & friendly, the food is great, and there's so much history there.

What do you eat on an average day?
This is what I eat on an average day:

1/2 cup oatmeal (before training)

train / cardio

5 egg whites
1 serving of cream of rice

4 oz. Chicken
1 serving veggies (asparagus, green beans, leafy greens, etc.)

4 oz. tuna
1 serving veggies

Protein Shake

Then it gets a bit redundant :-) I eat some form of protein & a carb every 2 hours until I go to sleep.

What does your training consist of on an average week?
I usually train a different body part everyday (except for chest, I just do push-ups on a random days). Currently, I've really been working on my glutes so I train them every few days performing different exercise each day. I train abs 4 - 5 days per week. I do cardio everyday.

Do you snack on anything? What's your favourite food? What do you eat when you want to be naughty?
My snacks are usually protein pancakes, protein pudding, regular sugar-free pudding, or sugar-free jell-o. When I'm being naughty, I eat Pizza, twizzlers, or Coldstone's Ice Cream.

What's your views on female body building?
I love the sport of bodybuilding, especially when women look feminine and present a well toned & defined body.

What kind of music do you listen to? What about films, what's your favourite?
Music....I love all music, some of my favorite artist are: Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez, Puffy, Jessica Simpson, and Beyonce. I love action films...anything that has me jumping out of my seat is a winner!!!! My favourite movies are: Scarface & Kill Bill

How do you relax? Do you ever take time off during the year from training?
I relax by taking long drives by myself. This was really enjoyable when I lived in Los Angeles. Every Sunday after church, I would drive out Pacific Coast was soooo beautiful....the ocean on one side, the mountains on the other..HEAVEN!!!! Once I relocate to Las Vegas, hopefully I will be able to enjoy the scenery more.....Detroit Michigan is limited when it comes to beautiful views.

What advise would you give to someone starting out in fitness competitions?
I would tell them to pick a contest date, seek out professionals in the industry that they look up to for help, and stay focused. Don't give up, and remember, if you like the way you look, that's all that matters!!!! Be proud of your accomplishments!!!

What drives you and gets you going when you are feeling down?
When I'm feeling down, I pray (I also pray when I'm feeling great!!!!). My mother is very spiritual and has taught me a lot. It's really a no brainer....God created the world, he's our heavenly father, he wants the best for all of his children…all we have to do is be obedient & ask him for what we want:

What would you say is the most important supplement to take in your sport?
LOL....I use to just take supplements like Protein Powder, Glutamate, etc just because I was told to and had no idea what they did. But recently I met a very knowledgeable person (Chad Harp - owner of Total Health Nutrition in Las Vegas) who has totally explained to me what each supplement does & the benefits of taking them. Now I know what my body needs to perform at it's I'd have to say that Aminos & L-Carnitine are very, very important.

Finally, would you like to say anything else to the readers of LA Magazine?
I'd like to say that I'm so very happy to be a part of the LA Muscle Family. I think living & fit and healthy lifestyle is a must. I'm always willing to assist anyone who has the desires to truly make health & fitness a way of life. Hopefully you will be seeing more of me and feel free to e-mail me about anything!!!! Feel free to check out my website: There are new HOTT pics for sale!!!! And don't forget to check back frequently for J Fitness consulting services.

Living Healthy & Fit!!!!
Jana Stewart

Thank you Jana.




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