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Supplements for RUGBY players wanting to excel

Good and bad supplementation for rugby players


Is rugby your passion? Do you live for the game? Perhaps you play it on the weekend or professionally. Have you ever thought that certain supplements can greatly assist you to be a better rugby player?
There are certain supplements out there that can without a doubt make a dramatic difference to how you perform on the field.

As specialist supplements manufacturers, LA Muscle cater for every sport. A significant percentage of LA Muscle customers are either professional rugby players or they play as a hobby. Many of the supplements on this web site have been developed with the needs of sports-persons like rugby-players in mind.

So without further delay, let's get down to see how you can improve your performance on the field and your recovery off the field.


If you are a professional rugby player, or you get drug tested, then the following are not suitable for you - in other words, you may well fail a test:

  1. Norateen
  2. Anaboteen
  3. Zandroteen
  4. Norateen Heavyweight

Other supplements from LA Muscle that "may" cause a positive on a test, especially if you are tested too close to the time you are taking them are:

  1. Norateen Heavyweight II
  2. Norateen II
  3. ZMAX
  4. Komplete

If you are NOT a professional, then you can take ANY product from the LA Muscle range. All the above will give you a "great deal" of muscle size, strength, muscle hardness and will improve your recovery. They may also increase your aggression on the field and your sex drive off it.


What do you look for as a rugby player? More muscle? Better recovery? More strength? More power? Do you want to have more power? Do you want to run faster? Do you want to tackle with brute force?
Your genetics need not determine how you perform, how you train and how you recover.

There are 3 vital ingredients that your muscles need to repair themselves, recover from training and get bigger. They are: protein, glutamine and water. These are "vital". Carbohydrates are also necessary, though not directly involved in the repairing process.

When you play rugby, you use your muscles. When you train for rugby, you use your muscles. You need to make sure your muscles are not depleted and left to eat themselves after a game. If you supply your muscles with protein, you make sure they rebuild themselves.

The best source of protein you can get is whey protein. LA Muscle give you LA Whey, which is probably the purest, best protein you can get for muscle growth and repair. ONLY protein repairs your muscles, nothing else. Not carbohydrates, not beer, not crisps, not even a massage! Only protein, remember that.

Protein is made up of amino acids. Many people talk about "aminos" or "amino acids" and they mean those pills you take after training. Some of them are good, but don't forget, they only give you a "few" amino acids. Not many of them give you 18, like LA Whey above. Also don't forget that to get the same as 1 x scoop of LA Whey, you probably have to pop about 30 pills!

The most abundant amino acid in your muscles is glutamine. This amino acid is "critical" for muscle-building; CRITICAL! Most people with above average physiques, pay particular attention to glutamine intake.

As a rugby player, once you start taking glutamine you will wonder how you ever went without it. Glutamine will help take the soreness away, it will help you train & play longer and harder. Glutamine ill enhance your immune system function and it will make sure that your efforts in the gym are not wasted.

Taking a glutamine product will ensure that you are your best on the field. Those who regularly take glutamine notice: better recovery, better well being, less colds, more strength and more muscle size.

This article is about making you the best rugby-player you can be. Water is a big part of this goal. Your muscles are 70% water. You are made of water. So never, ever neglect water. You must drink at least 2 litres every day. As a rugby player you should be aiming for much more than that.

If you ever get thirsty, that means you are DEHYDRATED. Thirst is not a safety mechanism that comes in before you get dehydrated. Thirst comes in "after" you are dehydrated. Make sure you are NEVER thirsty and you will reap the rewards in almost every aspect of your rugby.

What if you could get 2 of the above in 1? Products like LA Whey, Komplete & Platinum already contain high amounts of protein and glutamine. However there is a new product that contains the ultimate protein and the ultimate amount of glutamine per serving. This product is called Bio_Activator and you get an amazing 48g of protein per serving PLUS 4g of Glutamine; that's per serving!

As a protein supplement, Bio_Activator is unmatched. It does not contain any artificial ingredients or cheap substitutes, only the real McCoy. Only the best protein and the best glutamine. Give it a try, you will really like it. Bio_Activator comes in 15 tasty flavours, so you will be sure to find a few that suit your taste buds.


Creatine is the 3rd active part of the energy-providing cycle. Most importantly, Creatine is a super-charger, in that it provides energy quicker than any food can. So anyone that plays rugby would be crazy not to include Creatine supplementation in their regime.

Yes, there are always rumours about Creatine, side effects, quality, mixing etc. You get this with anything that works. Creatine has been shown to be 100% safe and 100% effective. Buy a decent Creatine and you will be completely amazed. Buy a bad brand from your local high street shop and you may well be disappointed.

So for the purposes of this article, by Creatine we are referring to Creatine manufactured by LA Muscle in FDA-approved laboratories.

Explosive Creatine will give you more energy to run and to stay at 100% fitness on the field for longer. It will also give you much more muscle (up to 15 lbs in 15 days for some). Explosive Creatine will give you more power in the gym and more power to help you be a stronger rugby player. Your mates will be amazed. You will be amazed. This product works in a very big way.

Creatine Instant is a new non-monohydrate Creatine and is very good for those who want to build more muscle. Creatine Instant is great for rugby players who want to concentrate more on "anaerobic" activity and get bigger.

Creatine Pills and Creatine Chews are unique new products for those of you "on the go"! If you find it difficult to sit down and mix Creatine, then you just pop a few pills and off you go. Creatine Pills and Creatine Chews will give you more stamina, energy, endurance, muscle and power.

Do you just want to put size on without any fat? If that's what you are looking for, then Platinum is a good product. Platinum puts an average of 1 kg of pure lean muscle on you per week. With only 268 calories per serving, you don't get fat, just big!

If you want to force-feed your muscles with more carbohydrates or protein, then these products are very good. This type of force-feeding enables you to have more muscle, energy and muscle hardness than you would normally have. Vanataur almost instantly pumps you up!

It is a fact that having a higher muscle to fat ratio will mean having more power, speed and better mobility. Most of us need to lose a degree of fat. Some are not bothered, some try by using all the "wrong" methods and products, others are skeptical and a lucky few end up trying some effective fat-burning products.

LA Muscle guarantee to give you the best fat-busters you can buy. The range of LA Muscle fat-burning products is novel, effective and varied.

If you want fat loss, combined with muscle gains, then try Sculpt. As a rugby player, you cannot go wrong with this one.

If you want pure fat loss, then try Fatstripper or Antifat. They get rid of fat quickly and safely.

If you have stubborn fat and nothing seems to work, then try Nobese.

You can take any or all the above (yes, even at the same time) for great results. If you want even more, try Shaper. This product is very good for fat loss and has the unique ability of making Creatine work harder. So if you are taking one of the LA Muscle Creatine formulas too, then Shaper will help you see more results.

Make sure your body is running as close to 100% efficiency as possible. Multiprotector is a unique multi-vitamin, mineal, antioxidant formula that has a very strong formulation behind it. Get to be the fittest rugby-player you can be by protecting your body's organs and tissues with Multiprotector.

As a constant target on the field, your body is prone to more injuries than the average person. If you have sustained an injury recently or you have a chronic injury that nothing seems to be able to shift, then you MUST try IP4. LA Muscle gives you its guarantee that you will not be disappointed. IP4 is used by many people, from those suffering from sports injuries to grand-parents suffering from arthritis. Great product.

So there you have it. The above are specialist products that will help you in your rugby. LA Muscle also offers many other products that can be of help on and off the field. Don't live in the dark, pick a product and give it a try. You will reap the rewards.



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