Is LA Whey really different from other "whey" proteins?

50% of whey proteins are made by 1 manufacturer… that's not the case with LA Whey.


By: Terence Stewart
R&D LA Muscle

Last week we were contacted by a very confident sounding CEO of a massive company. He stated that since they supplied 50% of the whey protein market, we would be wise to "get on board with them".

NPA Champion Jay BurrWe already knew about this company and the fact that as manufacturers of raw whey they supply 50% of the whey protein market. The call got us thinking though. We knew that but do the customers out there know that? Do you know that 50% of all whey proteins originate from this one company?

What does it mean to supply 50% of the market?

In simple terms, it means that if your product is rubbish, 50% of the market is paying for and receiving sub-standard protein. What's worse, many customers may not even be paying a low price for it.

This one company produces a low grade standard whey protein and supplies it to pretty much anyone at a very cheap price. This enables the re-sellers to package it in any way they want and price it at whatever price they want.

Whilst you may see names like "superior whey" "100% whey" "Big XXXXXL whey" and so on, the reality is that you are buying EXACTLY THE SAME PRODUCT by purchasing these whey protein supplements. You may be paying very little or a lot depending on your source but in terms of the actual product, it is the same.

Mr Muscle Klaus Myren RiisThe only addition you may be getting is the flavour which is a variation of different artificial and possibly harmful sweeteners.

LA Whey is manufactured by LA Muscle and ONLY for LA Muscle

For starters, LA Whey does not have any artificial sweeteners. The main reason why people who use LA Whey actually "see" and "feel" a difference from other proteins is that LA Whey is manufactured by LA Muscle for LA Muscle and no one else. This is NOT the standard whey protein supplied to the rest of the market.

LA Whey is not priced randomly either. It is a slightly more expensive product because it is a specialist high grade protein which cannot be found elsewhere.
You don't even have to take our word for this. Go to your local shop and try and find another whey protein with the same profile as LA Whey, 48g protein, 19 amino acids and no artificial sweeteners. You cannot because LA Whey is not manufactured by this one company that is supplying over 50% of the re-sellers.

You really will see a difference with LA Whey

If you regularly use LA Whey, then you already know that there is NO OTHER protein powder on the market quite like it. LA Whey is filtered 3 times to remove lactose, has a very high protein content (short of being over processed or denatured) and has Shaun Stafforddelicious natural flavours. You can drink it every day and not get sick of it.

Whether you are looking to lose fat by substituting LA Whey for meals or wanting to build more muscle tissue, you will find that LA Whey is one of the very few protein powders that actually make a difference. Taking protein powders shouldn't be about just parting with your money. You should see muscle gains and fat loss and feel it working too.

10 reasons why LA Whey works:

  • High potassium to sodium ratio means LA Whey gets rid of excess fluid build up - this is why professionals who can't afford to waste their time and money RELY on LA Whey
  • 3 stage filtration process means a little bit more cost but literally no lactose
  • Not over-processed like some isolates so no denaturing of your protein
  • Slight fructose added to ensure LA Whey gets working fast and is "delivered" to muscles
  • Manufactured, transported and most importantly "stored" in LA Muscle's warehouses in the correct and optimum environment for 100% freshness and integrity of protein
  • Extremely high protein content with majority being "available" BLG protein
  • A decade of research and sales worldwide mean LA Whey is tried and tested and most importantly trusted by millions
  • All essential amino acids and Branch Chained Amino Acids are in LA Whey
  • No artificial sweeteners which may negatively affect your body - Only 100% good whey protein

To find out more or order LA Whey, click here.



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